ON Genealogy and D.N.A. ---      Other Genealogy items.
There are several genealogical DNA testing services available which make
various claims ....

None that we found offered any sample of what their reports might show.
Based on some research and recommendations, we chose National Geographic.

The DNA Kits that we used cost about $99 plus postage and tax.
They came from National Geographic and were ordered from their WebSite ...
Besides the standard basic kit, there are other books and kindred items

The kit material came in a box about the size of a VCR tape box.
Besides a lot of paper work and a DVD ..
There were two mouth swabs, two vials to receive the swabs, one plastic bag
to receive the vials, and one padded mailing envelope in which to mail the
plastic bag AND the consent form. Have NO recollection of the mailing
Each kit is for one test type on one person.

The consent form had two circles ONE-AND-ONLY-ONE of which was to be checked
for the desired test ...
  .. one for the Y-Chromosome (available for males only)
            gives the MOST info
  .. one for myocardial-DNA   (available for both males and females)
            gives minimal info
 ONLY one circle was allowed to be checked.
If you want BOTH tests, the you need to order two kits and check one circle
in one kit and the other circle in the other kit.
Have NO idea what will happen if you check BOTH circles in one kit.
If more info is needed for females then they should submit samples from
their brother, their father, their father's brother, or their father's
brother's son.

As a privacy matter, they go to great lengths to keep your identity a secret
from themselves and everyone else.
The only way to learn any results is to visit their WebSite and enter your
unique secret 10-digit code which was on the vials, the plastic bag, and the
consent form -- besides the "Keep this form for your records" card. After a
few weks, then you can return to the Site at ...
 enter your code, and check the status.

After they receive and log your sample (may take 2 to 3 weeks), then it will
show as received.
After they have analyzed the sample (may take 2 months), then it will show
an item to read about your classification and what it means. In my case that
was 7 pages plus a map and a "Certificate".

Later we discovered that the service at ...
 was in cahoots with Nat.Geo. and could have our samples transfered to them
 and processed in more detail (12 markers) for an additional fee.
  From this effort I discovered that I have 12-out-of-12 matches with 9 guys.
      (but some of them may be duplicates)
Still later we discovered that they could have our samples processed in
 EVEN MORE detail (12+55=67) for still another fee.