Dobrinka on the Global Map . . .

Encarta Virtual Globe lists 9 places with that exact name
  and 48 items of similar spelling; where "similar" is often quite a stretch.

    The 9 are ...
    Lat.   Long.
 1 52:10n 40:28e Dobrinka, Lipetsk, Russia
 2 50:17n 45:46e Dobrinka, [Nizhyaya Dobrinka] Volgograd, Russia
 3 55:29n 76:29e Dobrinka, Novosibirsk-Siberia, Russia
 4 55:21n 34:52e Dobrinka, Smolensk, Russia
 5 57:01n 83:55e Dobrinka, Tomsk-Siberia, Russia
 6 50:49n 41:51e Dobrinka, Volgograd, Russia
 7 48:49n 42:58e Dobrinka, Volgograd, Russia
 8 50:02n 46:09e Dobrinka, Volgograd, Russia
 9 49:52n 44:07e Dobrinka, Volgograd, Russia

The one which is the main subject is #2  at  50:17n 45:46e
    Interestingly, there is a another one nearby and just N.W. of #2 as
10 50:21n 45:40e Verkhnyaya Dobrinka, Volgograd, Russia -- aka Dreispitz
                  and 2 identically-named "twins" of #2 and #10 as
11 50:50n 44:43e Nizhnyaya  Dobrinka, Volgograd, Russia
12 50:46n 45:03e Verkhnyaya Dobrinka, Volgograd, Russia

  Coordinates of Lat/Long were taken from the Encarta Virt Globe's Tools|Location,
        and are close to notes found in other sources.

Ordered South to North they are
   7  9  8  2 10 6 12 11 1  4    3  5
Ordered West to East they are
   4  1  6  7  9 11 10 12 2  8     3  5

The maps named DOB00xx represent to relative locations of the 12 named places;
   DOB00A shows the full geographic range of them;
        but others are located too close to be shown without overlap.
   DOB00B shows most others relative to the central set of the others.
   DOB00C shows the central 3.
   DOB01x thru 09x show the locations of each of the 9
   DOBnnA  shows the location at the original Place-Finding zoom w/ ID-box
   DOBnnB  shows the location at max zoom WITH    the ID-box
   DOBnnC  shows the location at max zoom withOUT the ID-box

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