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George Henry Graf, born 03-30-l872, died 04-22-l938, father John Christian Graf,
wife: Catherina Elizabeth Clauser/Klauser born 04-28-l872, died l0-06-l925 in
Portland, Oregon.  George Henry Graf served  l9ll to Feb l5,l9l4.  After meeting
June l4, l9ll, they  organized as "Erste Deutsche Evangelische Lutherische
Kongretionalen Ebenezer Gemeinde".  They were received into membership with
the Congregational Church and student George Graf was ordained as first pastor.
In 19l2 the lot was purchased for $860 from John & Mary Mueller and church
cornerstone laid Nov 3, l9l2 and dedicated Pentecost Sunday l9l3 at a cost of
about $l6,000.  Catherina does not appear in records.
Clauser Siblings:
  Julianna Elizabeth b 9 March l870,d26 Feb l95l. Spouse Henry Chrispens
  Joh George b 27 July l862, d 8 Mar l923. Spouse Maria Siegwardt Schlotthauer
  Maria Catherine b11 Dec l860, d l8 Oct l933.  Spouse George Adam Metzler
  Adam in Volga area Tsaritzn or Stalingrad.

Rudolf Wilken served Feb l, l9l5 to October l5, l9l7, from Au Gres, Michigan.

Friedrich C. Dodzuweit served November l5, l9l7 to April 23, l9l9, from Goring,

June 2, l9l8, the congregation applied for membership with the Wisconsin District
of Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and other states (now The
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod) and was accepted at Watertown Convention June 29,

Frederick Proehl, Chaplain U.S. Army, served June 22, l9l9 to May l, l926.
  Pastor Proehl served Our Savior, Sheboygan (on High Ave) in May l926.

Ernest Stoeckardt served July 4, l926 to April 22, l94l. Wife Erna Mencke.

Erich Keller served August l94l to l970. Wife Erna Reineck died September 4, 1924.
                                   Wife Mathilda Forster died November 22, l958

Victor G. Meyer served March l970 to September l976.

   EBENEZER LUTHERAN CHURCH              Records are from 1911-1982
    15th & St. Clair                        Primarily Death Records,
    Sheboygan Wisconsin                     some births and marriages.

  Prepared by: Arliss (Klauser) Hoskins  arlissh@earthlink.net


**- George R Achterberg  -**
       Born: 04-2l-l907 to
       Died: 06-l4-l973
 Notes: Wife,Sister.-*
**- Anna  Adler  -**
       Born: 07-23-l897 to
       Died: 07-23-l963
 Notes: Husband,3sons,ldaug,llgrandkids,2broth,3sisters.-*
**- ??  Alt  -**
       Married:  to Mr. John Alt
       Sponsor to: Vivian Rae Diener
**- Sophie  Alt  -**
       Born: 03-06-l883 to
       Died: 02-l8-l967
 Notes: 2dau,lson,l0gran,l5greatgrandchildren.-*
**- John  Alt,Sr.  -**
       Born: 06-04-l877 to
       Died: 05-26-l960
 Notes: Widow,son,2daug,l0gran5greatgrandkids.-*
**- August Carl George Baalke  -**
       Born: 03-23-l859 to
       Died: 06-ll-l928
 Notes: Deutschland.Gattin,l Sohn,l Tochter,l Eukel,lEsclukel,l Bruder, 2 Schr-*
**- Patricia Ann Baechla  -**
       Born: 06-29-l940 to
       Died: 03-09-l979
       Married:  to Beck
 Notes: One Husband.-*
**- Augusta  Baelke  -**
       Born: ll-27-l862 to
       Died: 04-05-l947
 Notes: Daughter,Son,4 grandchildren.-*
**- Christ  Balde  -**
       Sponsor to: Ronald Godfrey Balde
**- Katherine  Balde  -**
       Born: 03-l6-l887 to
       Died: 0l-l9-l967
 Notes: 3sons,ldaug,5gran,5greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Lillian  Balde  -**
       Sponsor to: Ronald Godfrey Balde
**- Ronald Godfrey Balde  -**
       Born: 06/13/1938 to Gottfried Balde & Elizabeth Jorsch
       Sponsored by:Christ Balde
                    Christ Jorsch
                    Lillian Balde
**- Gottfried  Balde jr  -**
       Married:  to Elizabeth Jorisch
       Children: Ronald Godfrey  06/13/1938
**- Gottfried  Balde,Sr.  -**
       Born: l0-08-l88l to
       Died: 02-l5-l962
 Notes: Heart?Widow,3sons,ldaug,7gran,3greatgranchildren.-*
**- Martin  Bathauer  -**
       Born: l0-l8-l894 to
       Died: 0l-0l-l97l
 Notes: son,2daug,brot,3sis,llgran2greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Alexander  Batthauer  -**
       Born: l0-25-l904 to
       Died: l2-30-l97l
 Notes: Wife,daug,3sisters,5grandchildren.-*
**- Amalia  Batthauer  -**
       Born: 05-30-l898 to
       Died: l2-22-l968
       Married:  to Martin Batthauer
 Notes: HusbandMartin,son,2daug,3bro,3sisters,llgranlgreatgrandchild.-*
**- Elizabeth  Batthauer  -**
       Born: l2-09-l903 to
       Died: 0l-l9-l980
 Notes: l Daughter.-*
**- Amalia  Bauer  -**
       Sponsored by:Alvina Botthauer
**- Patricia Ann Beck  -**
       Born: 06-29-l940 to
       Died: 03-09-l979
       Married:  to Beck
 Notes: One Husband.-*
**- Albert  Becker  -**
       Born: ll-03-l9l5 to
       Died: ll-l9-l966
       Married:  to Emily Becker
 Notes: Cancer.widowEmily,lsonldau,parents,4brothers-*
**- Henry  Becker  -**
       Born: ll-l4-l888 to
       Died: 09-28-l970
       Married:  to Julia Metzler
       Sponsor to: Gottleib Heinze
                   Arthur Klauser
                   Lorraine Kretz
       Sponsored by:Darlene June Schleining
 Notes: WifeJulia,4sons,brot,l0granlgreatgrandaughter.-*
**- Julia Metzler  Becker  -**
       Born: 04-26-l895 to GeorgeAdamMetzler&Maria Cath C/Klauser
       Died: ll-08-l980
       Married:  to Henry Becker
       Sponsor to: Gottleib Heinze
                   Lorraine Kretz
 Notes: 4sons,lsister,l0grandkids.-*
**- Wilbert  Becker  -**
       Born: 10/18/1922 to Henry Becker & Julia Metzler
       Sponsored by:George Graf
                    Mrs. George Graf
                    David Klauser
**- Ernest  Belke  -**
       Born: 03-08-l902 to
       Died: l0-29-l96l
 Notes: Heart Attack.Widow,son,6brot,2sisters.-*
**- Debra Lee Bell  -**
       Born: 02-20-l962 to
       Died: 02-26-l962
 Notes: Parents,2broth,lsister.-*
**- Alvina  Bercheur  -**
       Born: 03-l8-l9l3 to
       Died: 09-02-l975
       Married:  to Lester?
 Notes: Husband Lester?,2sons,2brot,4sisters,3grandchildren.-*
**- John  Berenger??  -**
       Born: 07-0l-l9l0 to
       Died: 09-l6-l960
 Notes: Widow,3orl3kids,3grankids,5sis,2brothers.-*
**- Carita  Bereugen?  -**
       Born: 04-29-l9l7 to
       Died: l0-04-l969
       Married:  to Nelson
 Notes: 2daug,son,sister,5grandkids.-*
**- Hattie  Bergen  -**
       Born: -l894 to
       Died: 02-l5-l978
 Notes: 3daughters,5sons.-*
**- Carl A Bergin  -**
       Born: ll-02-l882 to
       Died: 0l-2l-l967
 Notes: wife,3dau,5sons,34gran,l3greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Anna  Beutel  -**
       Born: 0l-l2-l887 to
       Died: 04-ll-l970
 Notes: Daug-in-law,2sis,brot,2gran3greatgrankids.-*
**- John  Blushkofski  -**
       Married:  to Anna Horn
       Children: John Henry  02/19/1939
**- John Henry Blushkofski  -**
       Born: 02/19/1939 to John B. & Anna Horn
       Sponsored by:Amalia Horn,Henry Horn Jr
                    Bertha Horn
                    Gottlieb Hilgenberg
**-   Bolgert  -**
       Born: 03-08-l926 to Johannes & Maria Bolgert Neuwirth
       Died: 03-08-l926
**- Maria  Bolgert  -**
       Married:  to Johannes Neuwirth
**- Herman  Bolle  -**
       Sponsor to: Jeanette Caroline Ra..
**- Fred  Borgens  -**
       Born: ll-04-l902 to
       Died: ll-08-l982
 Notes: Wife,2sons.-*
**- Anna Elisabeth Borghardt  -**
       Born:  to Johann Gottlieb?
       Died: 11/20/1919
       Married:  to Johann Borghardt
**- Alex  Botthauer  -**
       Born: 10/25/1904 to Henry Botthauer & Elsa Elizabeth
**- Alvina  Botthauer  -**
       Born: 01/12/1916 to Andreas Botthauer & Pauline Sc..k
       Sponsored by:Amalia Brauer,Martin Botthauer
                    Ruth Elizabeth Metzler
                    Johannes Crispens
**- Andreas  Botthauer  -**
       Married:  to Pauline Sch..k
       Children: Alvina  01/12/1916
       Sponsor to: Lydia Klauser
**- Elsa Elizabeth Botthauer  -**
       Born: 04/18/1871 to
       Married:  to Henry Botthauer
       Children: Martin  10/18/1894
                 Alex  10/25/1904
                 Lydia  01/26/1907
**- Emma  Botthauer  -**
       Born: 07/30/1913 to Henry Botthauer & Elsa Elizabeth
**- Henry  Botthauer  -**
       Born: 04/29/1870 to
       Married:  to Elsa Elizabeth
       Children: Martin  10/18/1894
                 Alex  10/25/1904
                 Lydia  01/26/1907
**- Lydia  Botthauer  -**
       Born: 01/26/1907 to Henry Botthauer & Elsa Elizabeth
**- Martin  Botthauer  -**
       Born: 10/18/1894 to Henry Botthauer & Elsa Elizabeth
       Sponsored by:Alvina Botthauer
**- Katharina  Brack  -**
       Born: 09-25-l863 to
       Died: 06-27-l928
       Married:  to Jost
 Notes: Reinhardt,Russia.1son2Enkel7Steifkinder-*
**- Philip  Brack  -**
       Born: 07-ll-l857 to
       Died: 05-l9-l939
 Notes: 3 sons,3 daughters,40 grankids, l4 greatgran,l brother.Russland.-*
**- Barbara Doris Breitzman  -**
       Born: 10/25/1937 to Jerome Breitzman & Florence Dumann
       Sponsored by:Dorris Brieitzman
                    Wil.. Dumann
**- Dorris  Breitzman  -**
       Sponsor to: Barbara Dorris Breitzman
**- Jerome  Breitzman  -**
       Married:  to Florence Dumann
       Children: Barbara Doris
**- Peter  Brick  -**
       Died: 07/07/1921
       Married:  to Mar.
 Notes: Kinder: Peter, John, Maria.-*
**- Katherina Elisabeth Brsener  -**
       Born: 09-ll-l863 to Frau Elesabeth Gray,Frau Sophia Biel
       Died: 02-22-1928
       Married:  to Theodore Brsener
 Notes: 3 Enkelkinder.Died Oskosh,buried Sheboygan.-*
**- Emily  Buckle  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Buckle
       Sponsor to: Kenneth Wayne Mueller
**- Emilie  Burlacle  -**
       Married:  to Peter Schlegel
       Children: Dorothy Helen  07/01/1935
**- Amalia "Mollie"  Chrispens  -**
       Sponsor to: Arthur Klauser
**- Emil  Chrispens  -**
       Born: 02-l7-l92l to
       Died: 06-29-l945
 Notes: Father,2 brothers, l sister.PFC.-*
**- Emma  Chrispens  -**
       Born: 08/21/1915 to
 Notes: vater - John Crispens. Mother-Amalie geb  Clauser: parents unknown.-*
**- Esther  Chrispens  -**
       Born: 01/18/1919 to John Chrispens
       Died: 11/15/1949
       Marriage Witnessed by:Herman Wedding
 Notes: Brain hemorhage. Father, John Chrispens, 2 brothers.-*
**- Henry  Chrispens  -**
       Born: 11/10/1948 to
       Died: 06/23/1948
 Notes: wife, 2 children, 5 grandkids-*
**- Johannes  Chrispens  -**
       Sponsor to: Alvina Botthauer
**- John  Chrispens  -**
       Born: l0-08-l889 to
       Died: ll-07-l958
       Married:  to Amalia Chrispens
 Notes: 2sons,3grankids,lsister.-*
**- Juliana Elizabeth Chrispens  -**
       Born: 03/09/1870 to
       Died: 02/26/1951
 Notes: l son, l daughter, 4 grandkid, l great grandkid-*
**- John  Chrispens Jr.  -**
       Born: 02-22-1917 to
       Died: 06-16-1935
       Married:  to Amalia Clauser-John Chrispens
 Notes: Parents, 3 brothers, 4 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild-*
**- Iola  Christianson  -**
       Married:  to Phillip Rosenthal
       Children: Gary Kenneth  10/14/1938
**- Johann Georg Clauser  -**
       Born: 07-27-l862 to John Henry & Catherina Wolf Clausser
       Died: 03-08-l923
       Married:  to Marie Siegwardt
       Children: Carl  03/12/1921
                 Arthur  08/31/1923
                 Alexander  06-96-l9l4
 Notes: l923 deaths missing.-*
**- George  Courad  -**
       Married:  to Frieda Ruppel
       Children: George Henry  04/03/1939
**- George Henry Courad  -**
       Born: 04/03/1939 to George Courad & Frieda Ruppel
       Sponsored by:Elva Ruppel, Oscar Courad
                    William Mueller
                    Mrs. John Krause
**- Oscar  Courad  -**
       Sponsor to: George Henry Courad
**- Christ  Dahmer  -**
       Born: ll-28-l885 to
       Died: 08-29-l945
       Sponsor to: Arthur Klauser
 Notes: Wife,2 sons, 4 daugtr, 6 step-kids.-*
**- Karl  Dahmer  -**
       Born: 08-09-l868 to
       Died: 04-27-l94l
 Notes: Reinwald, Russ. Wife, l daughter, 2 grandkids.-*
**- Kate  Dahmer  -**
       Born: 05-05-l883 to
       Died: 06-23-l968
 Notes: 2sons,5daug,22gran&33greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Marie Elisabeth Dahmer  -**
       Born: 12-l8-l882 to
       Died: 03-22-l94l
       Married:  to Dahmer
 Notes: Russland. Husband, 4 daughters, 2 sons, 6 grankids, 2 brothers.-*
**- Regina  Dahmer  -**
       Born: 03-04-l869 to
       Died: 08-09-l957
 Notes: ldaug,2grankids.-*
**- Gordon  DeRuyter  -**
       Born: 03-l8-l909 to
       Died: 07-0l-l964
 Notes: Heart Attack,lson,ldaug,parents,grandson,brother.-*
**- ??  DeSchmidt  -**
       Married:  to Robert DeSchmidt
       Sponsor to: Gary Kenneth Rosenthal
**- Robert  DeSchmidt  -**
       Sponsor to: Gary Kenneth Rosenthal
**- Arno Edward Dehne  -**
       Born: 08-06-l94l to
       Died: 08-07-l94l
 Notes: Parents, granparents. Father: Arno & Lydia Nic??schneider.-*
**- Arthur  Dickmann  -**
       Sponsor to: Betty Jane Rusch
**- Hilda Elsa Dickmann  -**
       Born: 07/16/1918 to
       Died: 10/30/1918
**- Alex  Diener  -**
       Married:  to Sarah Disman
       Children: Richard  12/02/1936
                 Vivian Rae  12/20/1937
**- Amalia  Diener  -**
       Born: l2-l5-l884 to
       Died: 05-02-l963
 Notes: Russia.3sons,3daug,l8gran,l8greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Beth Lynn Diener  -**
       Born: 11/04/1954 to
       Died: 11/15/1955
 Notes: Parents, brother, paternal & maternal grandmothers-*
**- Elizabeth Anne Diener  -**
       Born: 05/07/1950 to Mr & Mrs Edward Diener
       Died: 05/07/1950
 Notes: premature birth-*
**- Fred  Diener  -**
       Sponsor to: Richard Diener
**- Gottlieb  Diener  -**
       Born: 05/04/1878 to
       Died: 11/07/1948
 Notes: widow, 3 sons, 3 daughters, 12 grandkids-*
**- Mary  Diener  -**
       Married:  to Paul Reyn
       Children: Jean Marilyn  09/18/1937
**- Richard  Diener  -**
       Born: 12/02/1936 to Alex Diener & Sarah Disman
       Sponsored by:Fred Diener
                    Ronald Munso
                    Mrs. Henry Stocke (Katherine)
**- Vivian Rae Diener  -**
       Born: 12/20/1937 to Alex Diener & Sarah Disman
       Sponsored by:Hilda Seidenzohl
                    Mrs. Ronald Munso (Minnie)
                    Mrs. John Alt
**- Jacob  Dietz  -**
       Sponsor to: Darlene June Schleining
**- Marion  Dietz  -**
       Sponsor to: Betty Jean Schleining
**- Paul  Dignitz  -**
       Born:  to stepdad to Angeline M. Gross
**- Sarah  Disman  -**
       Married:  to Alex Diener
       Children: Richard  12/02/1936
                 Vivian Rae  12/20/1937
**- Mae  Drews  -**
       Born: 02-l7-l9l2 to Drews
       Died: 05-04-l98l
       Married:  to Gottlieb Goldman
 Notes: Husband Gottlieb,Dau: Kay&Kathleen.-*
**- Katherine  Dross  -**
       Born: 12/14/1876 to
       Died: 06/10/1948
 Notes: 3 sons, 5 daughters, l brother, 21 grandkid, 9 greatgrankids-*
**- Florence  Dumann  -**
       Married:  to Jerome Breitzman
       Children: Barbara Dorris  10/25/1937
**- Wil..  Dumann  -**
       Sponsor to: Barbara Dorris Breitzman
**-   Ebe see Fbe  -**
**- Henry A Eckert  -**
       Born: l0-08-l9l0 to
       Died: 06-09-l969
 Notes: Mother,2sisters,lbrother.-*
**- Amalia  Eirich  -**
       Sponsor to: Darlene June Schlining
**- Dora  Eirich  -**
       Born: 02/22/1903 to
       Died: 12/07/1955
 Notes: l son-*
**- Fred  Eirich  -**
       Sponsor to: Dorothy Helen Schlegel
**- Heinrich  Eirich  -**
       Sponsor to: Betty Jean Schleining
**- Rosa  Eirich  -**
       Sponsor to: Ruth Rusch
**- Emmanuel  Elsesser  -**
       Sponsor to: Roger Elmer Klunk
                   Marianne Schrinpof
**- Rachel  Elsesser  -**
       Married:  to Elmer Klunk
       Children: Roger Elmer  11/30/1938
       Sponsor to: Ronald Louis Gissel
**- Gottlieb  Ertel  -**
       Born: 03-l4-l870 to
       Died: 08-l6-l962
 Notes: 2sons,2daug,llgranl8greatgranchildren.-*
**- John  Ertel  -**
       Died: ll-l8-l944
 Notes: Father, 3 children.-*
**- Penelope  Ertel  -**
       Born: 09-23-l944 to
       Died: ll-0l-l957
 Notes: Parents,lsister,2broth.-*
**- Roger  Ertel  -**
       Born: 07/01/1942 to
       Died: 12/15/1954
 Notes: parents, 2 brothers 2 sisters, maternal grandparents-*
**- Ronald A Esslinger  -**
       Born: ll-l9-l962 to
       Died: ll-l9-l962
 Notes: DscdNorway,MI,BuriedShebygn,Parents,lbrot,lstep-sis.-*
**- Philipp  Fbe  -**
       Born: 07/30/1867 to
       Died: 06/10/1917
 Notes: Frau Marie Fbe geb Muller. Kinder: Amalie, Johannes, Lydia,-*
**- Marie  Fellinger  -**
       Born: 0000000000 to
       Died: 02-l2-l97l
       Married:  to Jacob
 Notes: Husband:Jacob.-*
**- Selma  Fellinger  -**
       Born: 07-02-l905 to
       Died: 05-29-l929
       Married:  to Begemann
 Notes: Sohn, Mutter, 2 Bruder, Stiefvater.-*
**- Rudoph A. Feuske  -**
       Born: 12-0l-l889 to
       Died: 0l-ll-l960
 Notes: Wife,2sons,7grank,2bros,stepsister.-*
**- Tillie  Feuske  -**
       Born: 0000000000 to
       Died: ll-l8-l970
       Married:  to Jacob
 Notes: Husband Jacob.-*
**- Christian Friedrich Fischer  -**
       Born: 04-l9-l853 to
       Died: 02-26-l94l
 Notes: 5 sons,l brother, 25 grandkids, l4 great grankids. Russland.-*
**- Edward J. Fischer  -**
       Born: 0l-l2-l905 to
       Died: 02-0l-l975
       Married:  to Olga
 Notes: Wife Olga,son,daug,2broth,halfsis,halfbrother,3grandchildren.-*
**- Henry  Fischer  -**
       Sponsor to: Richard David Lutz
                   Amalia Hartmann
**- Julia  Fischer  -**
       Born: 07-04-l875 to
       Died: 02-ll-l968
 Notes: Son,2daug,5grand,9greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Anna Elisabeth FischerseeObermiller  -**
**- Catharina?  Fleck  -**
       Born: 11/27/1875 to
       Died: 12/29/1918
       Married:  to Carl Kaiser
 Notes: Kinder: Volga etc. German Script???-*
**- Christ  Fleck  -**
       Born: 07-l7-l882 to
       Died: 07-l3-l965
 Notes: TB.Widow,2sons,9daug,22gran,l9greatgrankids,lsister.-*
**- Sophie  Fleck  -**
       Born: 02-23-l884 to
       Died: 02-25-l978
 Notes: 2sons,9daughters.-*
**- Amalia  Foster  -**
       Married:  to Jack Foster
       Sponsor to: Jean Marilyn Reyn
**- Jack  Foster  -**
       Married:  to (Amalia)
       Sponsor to: Jean Marilyn Reyn
**- Olga Holdorf  Frank  -**
       Sponsor to: Arliss Ann Klauser
**- Marie  Fredrick  -**
       Sponsor to: Ruth Rusch
**- Anna  Freitag  -**
       Born: 08-20-l893 to
       Died: 04-24-l97l
       Married:  to August
 Notes: HusbandAugust,3daug,2sons,l3gran,4greatgranchildren.-*
**- August  Freitag  -**
       Born: 03-07-l892 to
       Died: 08-25-l974
 Notes: 2sons,3daug,2brot,3sisters,l0gran,5greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Amalia  Fritz  -**
       Born: 0l-10-1873 to Mutter Katharina Horst
       Died: 03-05-1928
       Married:  to Fritz
 Notes: Gatte,8kinder,3bruder,2schretern,3ekelkinder.From Russland.-*
**- Jean Carole Fritz  -**
       Born: 07/16/1935 to Reinhold fritz & Julia Jurk
       Sponsored by:Mrs. Lydia Metcher
                    David Kiel
                    Mrs. Emilie Keil
**- Reinhold  Fritz  -**
       Married:  to Julia Jurk
       Children: Jean Carole  07/16/1935
**- Heinrich  Gerber  -**
       Married:  to Maria Wolf
       Children: Helen  11/21/1922
**- Helen  Gerber  -**
       Born: 11/21/1922 to Heinrich Gerber & Maria Wolf
       Sponsored by:John Knaub, Henry Welch
                    Julia Krausnes
                    Sophia Kober
**- Maria Wolf  Gerber  -**
       Married:  to Heinrich Gerber
       Children: Helen  11-21-1922
**- Walter A Giesehe  -**
       Born: 0l-07-l904 to
       Died: 08-l9-l98l
 Notes: Wife,Son,7 Daughters.-*
**- Walter A. Gieselle  -**
       Born: 01/07/1904 to
       Died: 08/19/1981
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**- Margaret M Gill  -**
       Born: 09-l8-l9l5 to
       Died: 06-l6-l976
 Notes: 2daug,5sons,2sis,2broth,l9 grandchildren.-*
**- George  Gissel  -**
       Sponsor to: Ronald Lewis Gissel
**- Louis  Gissel  -**
       Married:  to Elizabeth Neuwirth
       Children: Ronald Louis  01/22/1939
       Sponsor to: Elizabeth Anne Neuwirth
**- Ronald Louis Gissel  -**
       Born: 01/22/1939 to Louis Gissel & Elizabeth Neuwirth
       Sponsored by:Emma Neuwirth
                    Alexander Neuwirth
                    George Gissel
**- Katharina Margareta Gneuther  -**
       Born: 06-l6-l872 to
       Died: 02-07-l938
       Married:  to Gneuther
 Notes: Husband, 4 brothers,l sister. Russia.-*
**- Robart  Godard  -**
       Born: 08-l0-l9l3 to
       Died: 09-24-l973
 Notes: Wife,2sons,2broth,3sisters.-*
**- Mae  Goldman  -**
       Born: 02-l7-l9l2 to Drews
       Died: 05-04-l98l
       Married:  to Gottlieb Goldman
 Notes: Husband Gottlieb,Dau: Kay&Kathleen-*
**- Anna  Gorde see Ruppel  -**
**- Klaus  Gorter  -**
       Sponsor to: Richard Ruppel
**- Clara  Gortner  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Gortner
       Sponsor to: Richard Ruppel
**- Amelia  Gosse  -**
       Born: 06-27-l9l3 to
       Died: l0-08-l978
 Notes: Son Robert,Daug Barbara.-*
**- Marie  Gottlieb  -**
       Born: 09/02/1890 to
       Died: 07/18/1950
       Married:  to Knaub
 Notes: husband, 10 CHILDREN-*
**- George  Graf Sr.  -**
 Notes: Returned to Russia for family and died going or coming back;7-l99l-*
**- Adam  Grafenstein  -**
       Married:  to Alma Zittel
       Children: Joann Arleen  10/31/1938
       Sponsor to: Kathleen Fay Zittel
**- Henry  Grafenstein  -**
       Sponsor to: Joanne Arleen Grafenstein
**- Joanne Arleen Grafenstein  -**
       Born: 10/31/1938 to Adam Grafenstein & Alma Zittel
       Sponsored by:Henry Grafenstein
                    Mrs. Emma Grafenstein
                    Arnold Zittel
**- Edward  Graff  -**
       Born: 09/15/1919 to George Graf & Julia Klauser
       Sponsor to: Marlene Ann Klauser
       Sponsored by:Heinrich Kretz
                    Maria Metzler
                    Adam Schlotthauer
**- George  Graff  -**
       Born: 09-02-l895 to George Graf & Anna Heintz
       Died: 07-l6-l980
       Married: 05-08-l9l7 to Julianna C/Klauser
       Children: Edward  09/l5/l9l9
 Notes: Daug EmmaGrafenstein.(Julie KlauserGraff wife).-*
**- Juliana  Graff  -**
       Born: 07-22-l897 to JohanGeorgeClauser & Schlotthauer
       Died: 05-l7-l974
       Married:  to George Graff
**- Emma  Graff Grafenstein  -**
       Born: 0000 /l906 to George & Julia Klauser Graff
       Married:  to Henry Grafenstein
       Sponsor to: Joanne Arleen Grafenstein
**- Diana Lee Graskamp  -**
       Born: 04-l4-l947 to Earl & Marian Schleining Graskamp
       Died: 04-l5-l947
**- Paul M Griebel  -**
       Married:  to Ella Ruppel
       Children: 07-09-1937
**- Richard Paul Griebel  -**
       Born: 07/09/1937 to Paul M. Griebel & Ella Ruppel
       Sponsored by:Peter Horn
                    John Ruppel
                    Mrs. Martha Rausehelbach
**- Angeline M. Gross  -**
       Born: 0l-06-l934 to
       Died: 05-2l-l958
 Notes: Mother,stepdad PAUL DIGNITZ,2sis,2bro,3stepbro&3stepsis.-*
**- Heinrich  Guenther  -**
       Born: ll-l0-l869 to
       Died: 02-l4-l960
 Notes: l Brother.-*
**- Elmer  Hackbarth  -**
       Married:  to Goldie Pauck
       Children: Elmer Jerome  11/16/1936
**- Elmer Jerome Hackbarth  -**
       Born: 11/16/1936 to Elmer Hackbarth & Goldie Pauck
       Sponsored by:Martha Pauck
                    Henry Hackbarth
**- Henry  Hackbarth  -**
       Sponsor to: Elmer Jerome Hackbarth
**- Susan Patricia Hackbarth  -**
       Born: ll-l6-l942 to
       Died: l2-l7-l942
 Notes: Parents, 2 brothers, l sister.-*
**- Lydia  Halleen  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Halleen
       Sponsor to: Roger Elmer Klunk
**- William  Halleen  -**
       Sponsor to: Roger Elmer Klunk
**- Andrew  Hansen  -**
       Sponsor to: Jean Marilyn Reyn
**- Amalia  Hartmann  -**
       Children: Richard David  12/25/1934
**- Sophia  Hartmann  -**
       Married:  to Kaspar Jurk
       Children: Clarence Robert  07/26/1938
       Sponsored by:Ottilia Jurk
                    Henry Leonhardt
                    Lillian Balde
**- Theodore  Hartmann  -**
       Sponsor to: Richard David Lutz
                   Amalia Hartmann
**- Delores  Harton  -**
       Born: 0l-l3-l932 to
       Died: 02-ll-l976
       Married:  to J.C. Harton
 Notes: Husband J.C.Harton,son,dau,broth,sis,her parents.-*
**- Christine  Hasmeid  -**
       Born: 08-l5-l859 to
       Died: 05-l0-l936
       Married:  to Schimkat
 Notes: Husban, 4 sons,2 daughters, 6 grandkids-*
**- Gottlieb  Heinze  -**
       Married:  to Julia Heffle
       Children: Gottlieb  10/05/1923
**- Gottlieb  Heinze  -**
       Born: 10/05/1923 to Gottlieb Heinze & Julia Heffle
       Sponsored by:Henry Becker
                    Julia Becker
                    Henry Ruppel
**- Paul  Held  -**
       Born: 05-l8-l9l6 to
       Died: 05-07-l980
 Notes: Wife,2daughters,lson.-*
**- Paul Richard Held,Jr.  -**
       Born: 07-30-l943 to
       Died: l2-05-l960
 Notes: Parents,broth,2sisters.-*
**- Gottlieb  Hense  -**
       Born: 12-25-l894 to
       Died: 08-07-l960
 Notes: Widow,son,2daug,8grankids.-*
**- Julia  Hense  -**
       Born: ll-07-l897 to
       Died: 04-29-l978
 Notes: 7 sons,2 daughters.-*
**- Henry  Henze  -**
       Born: 09-05-l886 to
       Died: 05-29-l947
 Notes: Widow.-*
**- Marie  Henze  -**
       Born: 05-25-l893 to
       Died: 07-28-l977
 Notes: 3sons,3gran,4great grandchildren.-*
**- Wilma  Henze  -**
       Born: 03/28/1920 to
       Died: 04/02/1920
 Notes: Year later child born and named Wilma.-*
**- David  Herber  -**
       Born: 03-l7-l884 to
       Died: 05-l8-l972
 Notes: 2Sons,4daug,l1gran,llgreatgrankids.-*
**- Elizabeth  Herber  -**
       Born: l0-20-l890 to
       Died: 06-06-l97l
       Married:  to David
 Notes: HusbandDavid,2son,4dau,l2gran9greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Alan  Herman  -**
       Born: 08-04-l953 to
       Died: 07-l3-l955
 Notes: Parents,brother.Cancer.-*
**- Catherine  Herman  -**
       Born: 02-08-l869 to
       Died: 06-ll-l966
 Notes: 3sons,2daug,l9gran,l2greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Gottlieb  Herman  -**
       Born: 02-l9-l894 to
       Died: ll-0l-l947
 Notes: Russia. Widow, lson,2daughters,2 grandkids.-*
**- Rose  Herman  -**
       Born: 06-27-l903 to
       Died: 08-20-l973
       Married:  to John
 Notes: Husband:John,daughter,brother.-*
**- Walter K Herman  -**
       Born:  to Gottlieb Herman & Amalia Nusing
       Married: 07/23/1949 to Eunice C. Mannchen
       Marriage Witnessed by:Waldemar Wagner
                             Esther Chrispens
**- August  Herman,Sr.  -**
       Born: 05-06-l89l to
       Died: 03-24-l960
 Notes: Wife,2son,ldaug,5grank,3sisters.-*
**- Ella  Hermann  -**
       Married:  to none
       Children: Marlene Frances  11/24/1937
**- Emma  Hermann  -**
       Sponsor to: Marlene Ann Klauser
**- Marlene Frances Hermann  -**
       Born: 11/24/1937 to Ella Hermann
       Sponsored by:Theodore Hermann
                    Mrs. (John) Viola Swan
**- Theodore  Hermann  -**
       Sponsor to: Marlene Frances Hermann
**- Emily  Hersch  -**
       Born: l0-27-l879 to
       Died: 05-02-l963
 Notes: Lithuania.ldaug,7sons,23gran,l2greatgrankids.3half-brothers.-*
**- Friedrich  Herzog  -**
       Born: 07-04-l882 to
       Died: 04-24-l94l
 Notes: Reinwald, Russ. Wife, 4 sons, 2 daughters.-*
**- Friedrich Jurk Herzog  -**
       Born: ll-06-l908 to Ferdinand Jurk & Sophia Reisner
       Died: 12-20-l937
 Notes: Mother,STEP-FATHER, 4 brothers, 3 sisters, grandpa. Auto Accident.-*
**- Sophia  Herzog  -**
       Married:  to Herzog.Prior Ferdinand Jurk
 Notes: See Friedrich Jurk Herzog death Dec 20,l937.-*
**- Sophia  Herzog  -**
       Married:  to Leslie Rudebeck
       Children: Janet  11/02/1936
**- Sophie  Herzog  -**
       Born: 07-l5-l889 to
       Died: 02-l5-l956
       Married:  to Balde
 Notes: Husband,3dau,4sons,l7gran&4stepkids,lsister.-*
**- Hugo  Hidde  -**
       Born: l2-29-l902 to
       Died: 02-03-l979
       Married:  to Theresa
 Notes: Widow Theresa,son,2daughters.-*
**- Henry  Hilgenberg  -**
       Born: ll-30-l879 to
       Died: 03-29-l963
 Notes: Stahl,Russia.2sons,ldaug,9grand,7greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Gottleib  Hilgenburg  -**
       Sponsor to: John Henry Blushkofski
**- Marjorie  Hochekne  -**
       Married:  to Edward Ruppel
       Children: Richard  02/28/1937
**- Marjorie  Hoehicke  -**
       Married:  to Edward Ruppel
       Children: Gerald Edward  07/11/1939
**- Emma  Hoelle  -**
       Born: 03-l9-l888 to
       Died: 03-02-l98l
 Notes: Son, ? Taiis?-*
**- Louis Henry Hoelle  -**
       Born: 07-25-l875 to
       Died: l0-l6-l967
 Notes: Wife,son,2sis,2brothers,6grandchildren.-*
**- Ella Ida Alma Holdorf  -**
       Born: 03/l6-l9l7 to Fred&Ida Koepsell Holldorf
       Married:  to Edward Klauser
       Children: Arliss Ann  07/14/1939
                 E. Allen  11/04/1940
                 Malcom Mark  10/07/1943
**- Olga  Holdorf Frank  -**
       Born: l2-ll-l906 to Fred & Ida Koepsell Holldorf
       Married: l0-l9-l927 to l.HenryFrank2.Roy Fox(Canada)
       Children: Wayne Fox
       Sponsor to: Arliss Ann Klauser
 Notes: Frank dcd9-3-l936TB.MarriedRoyFox(WindsorCanada7-8-l950.FordEmployees.-*
**- John  Holm  -**
       Born: 01/28/1882 to
       Died: 07/22/1954
 Notes: Fresental, Russia. Wife, 2 sons, 3 daughters, 2 broth,l sister-*
**- John  Holm  -**
       Born: 0l-28-l882 to
       Died: 07-22-l954
 Notes: Fresintal,Russ.Wife,2sons,3daug,2broth,lsister.-*
**- Louise  Holm  -**
       Born: ll-l8-l897 to
       Died: 07-23-l969
       Married:  to Adler
 Notes: Husband,2dau,2stepsons,stepdaug,Sister,l4grandchildren.-*
**- Hedwig C Holtzmann  -**
       Born: 06-28-l902 to Holtzmann
       Died: 05-06-l982
 Notes: 5daughters,2sons.-*
**- Emil  Holzwart  -**
       Married:  to Shirley Rhodes
       Children: Sheila Carol  01/25/1938
**- Fred  Holzwart  -**
       Born: 0l-l9-l880 to
       Died: 0l-l3-l964
 Notes: Nephew & Nieces.-*
**- Henry  Holzwart  -**
       Born: 05/25/1923 to
       Died: 03/19/1945
 Notes: Killed in action. France. Mother, sisters, brothers-*
**- Henry  Holzwart  -**
       Born: 07-30-l885 to
       Died: 07-24-l982
 Notes: 2sons,3daughters.-*
**- Hilma  Holzwart  -**
       Sponsor to: Sheila Carol Holgwart
**- Molly  Holzwart  -**
       Born: 09-09-l883 to
       Died: 0l-25-l96l
       Married:  to Holzwart,Fred
 Notes: Husband,Fred,3broth,2sisters.-*
**- Sheila Carol Holzwart  -**
       Born: 01/25/1938 to Emil Holdgwart & Shirley Rhodes
       Sponsored by:Walter Holgwart
                    Hilma Holgwart, Henry Rhodes
                    Mrs. Lydia Rhodes
**- Tine  Holzwart  -**
       Born: 03-04-l889 to
       Died: ll-l7-l978
 Notes: Husband,2sons,3daughters.-*
**- Walter  Holzwart  -**
       Sponsor to: Sheila Carol Holgwart
**- Amalia  Horn  -**
       Sponsor to: John Henry Blushkofski
**- Anna  Horn  -**
       Married:  to John Blushkofski
       Children: George Henry  02/19/1939
**- Anna  Horn  -**
       Born: 0l-08-l89- to
       Died: ll-03-l968
 Notes: 3sons,9daug,lsis,34gran&l4greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Bertha  Horn  -**
       Sponsor to: John Henry Blushkofski
**- Elizabeth  Horn  -**
       Sponsor to: Richard David Lutz
                   Elizabeth Horn
**- Emilie  Horn  -**
       Born: 01/23/1915 to
       Died: 08/15/1916
 Notes: can not deciphre German mom & dad.-*
**- Evelyn  Horn  -**
       Born: 23-02-l929 to
       Died: l9-l2-l982
 Notes: Husband, 3 sons.-*
**- George  Horn  -**
       Married:  to Emily Welsch
       Children: Kenneth George  11/11/1934
**- Henry  Horn  -**
       Sponsor to: Kenneth George Horn
**- Henry Christ Horn  -**
       Sponsor to: Kenneth George Horn
**- Kenneth  Horn  -**
       Born: 11/11/1934 to George Horn & Emily Welsch
       Sponsored by:Heinz Horn
                    Henry Christ Horn
                    Marie Horn
**- Maria  Horn  -**
       Sponsor to: Kenneth George Horn
**- Peter  Horn  -**
       Sponsor to: Richard Paul Griebel
**- Peter  Horn  -**
       Born: 04-05-l897 to
       Died: 03-06-l93l
 Notes: Wife, 4 kinder, 2 Bruder, l Sister-*
**- Peter  Horn  -**
       Born: 08-l8-l89l to
       Died: 06-l2-l947
 Notes: Wife, 2 sons.-*
**- Henry  Horn Jr.  -**
       Sponsor to: John Henry Blushkofski
**- Henry  Horn,Sr.  -**
       Born: 02-l8-l889 to
       Died: 09-20-l966
       Married:  to Anna Horn
 Notes: Cancer,widowAnna,3sons,9daug,34gran,l4great.lbrother.-*
**- Ellenora  Horneck  -**
       Born: 09-l6-l904 to
       Died: 09-ll-l97l
       Married:  to LeRoy
 Notes: HusbandLeRoy,son,2dau,brother,sis,5grandchildren.-*
**- LeRoy  Horsrechlz  hlz?  -**
       Born: 06-25-l906 to
       Died: 05-28-l982
 Notes: Wife,son,2daug,sis,2brot,2stepsons.-*
**- Alex  Horst  -**
       Married:  to Sophia Horst
**- KatharinaFritz  Horst  -**
**- Sophia  Horst  -**
       Born: 07-09-l895 to
       Died: 07-25-l966
       Married:  to Alex Horst
 Notes: Husband,Alex.2sons,6dau,2stepson,lstepdau,20grand9greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Peter  Jacobi  -**
       Born: 03-22-l872 to
       Died: 04-09-l942
 Notes: Widow, 4 sons, l daughter, 2 brothers, l3 grandkids, lgreatgran.-*
**- Victor  Jacobi  -**
       Born: l6-0l-l9l6 to Peter & Katharina Lobsoick Jacobi
       Sponsor to: Ronald Charles Klunk
                   Betty Jean Schlining
**- Knute  Johnson  -**
       Born: 06-24-l865 to
       Died: 06-25-l947
 Notes: Daughter.-*
**- Christ  Jorsch  -**
       Sponsor to: Ronald Godfrey Balde
**- Elizabeth  Jorsch  -**
       Married:  to Gottfried Balde
       Children: Ronald Godfrey  06/13/1938
**- Katharina  Jost  -**
       Born: 09-25-l863 to
       Died: 06-27-l928
       Married:  to Brack
 Notes: Rheinhardt, Russland. Gatte, l Sohn,l Eukel,L Ecslukel, l Bruder, 2 Schr-*
**- ??  Jurk  -**
       Married:  to David Jurk
       Sponsor to: Betty Jane Rusch
**- Alexander  Jurk  -**
       Married:  to Adella Kaminiski
       Children: Alice Mary  03/24/1935
**- Alice Mary Jurk  -**
       Born: 03/24/1935 to Alexander Jurk & AdellaKaminiski
       Sponsored by:Edna Jurk
                    Edward Jurk
                    William Kaminiski
**- Amalia  Jurk  -**
       Born: 08/31/1885 to
       Died: 12/27/1926
       Married:  to Ruppel,
 Notes: 8 Kinder, 4 Schrestern (sisters)-*
**- Anna  Jurk  -**
       Born: 03/01/1906 to Philip & Sophia Jurk
       Died: 06/14/1926
 Notes: accident-*
**- Casper  Jurk  -**
       Born: 08-24-l885 to
       Died: 04-05-l954
       Married:  to Sophia Hartmann
       Children: Clarence Robert
       Sponsored by:Ottilia Jurk
                    Henry Leonhardt
                    Lillian Balde
 Notes: Widow,2sons,6dautr,llgran&3greatgrankids.Russia.-*
**- Clarence Robert Jurk  -**
       Born: 07-26-l938 to Kaspar & Sophia Hartman Jurk
 Notes: Spsors: Ottili Jurk, Henry Leonhardt, Lillian Balde-*
**- Edna  Jurk  -**
       Sponsor to: Alice Mary Jurk
**- Edward  Jurk  -**
       Sponsor to: Alice Mary Jurk
**- Ferdinand  Jurk  -**
       Born: ll-22-l855 to
       Died: 09-04-l930
 Notes: 2 Sohne, Stighohn, 2 Tochter, 7 Bruder, l Sister, 24 Eukel, 3-*
**- Gottlieb  Jurk  -**
       Born: 0 to
       Died: lor6?-l9l2
**- Helen Maria Jurk  -**
       Born: ll-26-l924 to David Jurk & Katherina geb Biel
       Died: 08-2l-l929
 Notes: Diphteria. Eltern & Geschvister etc-*
**- Johanna  Jurk  -**
       Born: 09-l6-l874 to
       Died: 0l-21-l937
       Married:  to Adam Jurk
 Notes: Russland. Husband,9 kids, ll grandkids, l Brother.-*
**- John  Jurk  -**
       Born: ll-09-l877 to
       Died: 07-08-l964
 Notes: Pneumonia.Widow,3sons,6daug,20gran,29greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Julia  Jurk  -**
       Married:  to Reinhold Fritz
       Children: Jean Carole
**- Kaspar  Jurk  -**
       Married:  to Sophia Hartmann
       Children: Clarence Robert  07/26/1938
 Notes: see Sophia Hartman-*
**- Louisa Erna Jurk  -**
       Born: 06-l0-l929 to David Jurk & Katharina geb Biel
       Died: l0-ll-l929
 Notes: Eltern & Geschwister-*
**- Maria Sophia Jurk  -**
       Born: 10/28/1872 to
       Died: 11/23/1920
 Notes: Das: Jurk, Maria, Christina, Emilee-*
**- Ottilia  Jurk  -**
       Sponsor to: Clarence Robert Jurk
**- Wilma  Jurk  -**
       Born: 09-l5-l9l7 to
       Died: 03-27-l942
 Notes: Parents, 3 brothers, 6 sisters, 4 nephews, 6 nieces. McHenry, Illinois.-*
**- Edna  Justus  -**
       Born: 11/28/1920 to Alex, Marie Justus
       Died: 12/02/1920
**- Christ  Kaiser  -**
       Born: 04-l5-l877 to
       Died: 06-29-l943
 Notes: Widow, l son, 2 daughters, 7 grandchildren. Russia.-*
**- Karl J. Kaiser  -**
       Born: 09-l6-l873 to
       Died: 07-l4-l94l
 Notes: 8 Children, l2 grandkids.-*
**- Marie  Kaiser  -**
       Born: 08-l2-l875 to
       Died: 03-ll-l956
 Notes: 2sons,3gran 5greatgrankids.-*
**- Marie E Kaiser  -**
       Born: 09/04/1885 to
       Died: 07/04/1948
 Notes: l son, 2 daughters, 7 grandkids, l sister l brother-*
**- Adella  Kaminiski  -**
       Married:  to Alexander Jurk
       Children: Alice Mary  03/24/1935
**- William  Kaminiski  -**
       Sponsor to: Alice Mary Jurk
**- Peter  Kanger  -**
       Born: 03-29-l892 to
       Died: 0l-05-l98l
 Notes: Brother,Nephew,2nieces.-*
**- Anne  Kasewitch  -**
       Married:  to Arthur Neuwirth
       Children: Elizabeth Anne  12/12/1935
**- David  Keil  -**
       Sponsor to: Jean Carole Fritz
**- David  Keil  -**
       Born: l2-l3-l882 to
       Died: 05-25-l94l
 Notes: Phillipsfeld, Russ. Wife, l tochter, 3 grankids, l brother, l sister.-*
        E.K. Schmidt officiated.
**- Clara  Keksel  -**
       Born: 04-02-l889 to
       Died: 02-l3-l969
 Notes: Died02-l3buried April l7,l969?Daughter,2gran5greatgrandchildren.-*
**- John C Keksel  -**
       Born: 09-l5-l887 to
       Died: 03-l7-l965
 Notes: Widow,3daug,lstepdaug,l4gran,26greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Mrs. John  Keksel  -**
       Born: 09-07-l895 to
       Died: 02-l9-l96l
 Notes: Cancer.Husband,3stepdaug,llgran,l2great-grankids,lbroth,lsister.-*
**- Carl R Keller  -**
       Born: 08-08-l882 to
       Died: l2-l4-l973
 Notes: Nieces&Nephews.-*
**- Mathilda  Keller  -**
       Born: 09-20-l903 to
       Died: ll-23-l958
 Notes: Vaniqambadi,-*
        India.Husband,4kids,mother,lbrother,3sisters,3grankids.Cardia Failure.
**- Emilie  Kiel  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Keil
       Sponsor to: Jean Carol Fritz
**- Evelyn  Kiel  -**
       Married:  to Fred Ruppel jr
       Children: Dorine Ann  03/22/1937
**- Sylvia  Kiel  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Kiel
       Sponsor to: Dorine Ann Ruppel
**- Oswald  Kimmler  -**
       Born: 07-l0-l923 to
       Died: l2-28-l98l
 Notes: Wife,son,lstepdaug,l brother Lithuania,brothers&sisters Germany.-*
**- Oswald  Kimmler  -**
       Born: 07/10/1923 to
       Died: 12/28/1981
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**- Michael T Kisolek  -**
       Born: 04-l7-l967 to
       Died: 04-l7-l967
 Notes: Premature.Parents,sister.-*
**- Ruby  Kitzerow  -**
       Born: 04/16/1887 to
       Died: 03/24/1950
 Notes: March 24, l950 Milwaukee, buried Mar 28 l950 Graceland  Cemetary,son & 2-*
**- Adele Pantel  Klauser  -**
       Born: 07-00-l9l0 to HrySchrartzLonisa Ruschke
       Died: ll-09-l972
       Married:  to David Clausser/Klauser
       Children: Karen Swessel
                 Mary Endrizzi
 Notes: Mom3husbands.3rdPoppenhagen.Marie(43)GermanyJohanna(45)WiscLic3353.-*
**- Alexander  Klauser  -**
       Born: 06-06-l9l4 to GeorgeClauser&MarieSiegwardtSchlothauer
       Married:  to Wilma Rakun
**- Amalia  Klauser Chrispen  -**
       Born: 04-l5-l893 to
       Died: 08-l2-l943
       Married:  to Johan John Chrispens
 Notes: Husband, 3 brothers, l sister. Russia. No relation to George C/Klauser.-*
**- Arliss Ann Klauser  -**
       Born: 07-l4-l939 to Edward & Ella Holdorf Klauser
       Sponsored by:Olga Holdorf Franks
                    George Klauser
**- Arthur  Klauser  -**
       Born: 08/31/1923 to George Clauser & Marie Siegwardt
       Died: 02-03-l963
       Married:  to Bachelor
       Sponsored by:Mollie Chrispens
                    Henry Becker
                    Christ Dahmer
 Notes: 5broth5sisters.-*
**- Carl  Klauser  -**
       Born: 03/21/1921 to George Clauser & Marie Siegwardt
       Married:  to Ann VanHoof
       Sponsor to: Wilbert Becker
       Sponsored by:Henry "Andreas" Kretz
                    Julia Chrispens
                    Marie Metzler
**- David  Klauser  -**
       Born: l0-02-l905 to George Clauser & Marie Siegwardt
       Married:  to Adele Pantel
       Children: Karen
**- Edward  Klauser  -**
       Born: 05-l8-l9l6 to George Clauser & Marie Siegwardt
       Married:  to Ella Holdorf
       Children: Arliss Ann  07/14/1939
                 E. Allen  11/04/1940
                 Malcom Mark  10/07/1943
       Sponsored by:Adam Schlotthauer
                    David Wolf
                    Marie Pfister
**- George  Klauser  -**
       Born: 02-22-l9l0 to
       Married:  to Agnes Vetsch
                 Marlene Ann  04/08/1938
       Sponsor to: Arliss Ann Klauser
**- John  Klauser  -**
       Born: 000000l893 to GeoClausser & Siegward(t)Siegworth
       Died: l2-26-l952
       Married:  to Amanda Heit Keuther
       Children: Amanda Hart
       Sponsored by:George Graf
                    Julie Klauser Graf
 Notes: Mom?Siegward.Died Russia.-*
**- Lydia  Klauser Berlin  -**
       Born: 06-29-l9l8 to
       Sponsor to: Marlene Ann Klauser
       Sponsored by:Andreas Botthauer
                    Frau Jeaulina Ernst
                    Gottfried Maier
**- Johann George Klauser Clausser  -**
       Born: 06-27-l862 to JohnHenryClausser & Catherine Wolf
       Died: 03-08-l923
       Married:  to 1-Siegwardt 2-Schlothauer 3-Siegwardt
       Children: John (Siegward)    1893 Dobrinka
                 Julie Schlothauer  1897 Dobrinka
                 Anna  9-3-03 Dobrinka
 Notes: Wifel0kidsArtborn8-l923Geo&MarieprevioslymariedSchlothauerBrot&SisDiedFlu.-*
**- Juliana  Klauser Graff  -**
       Born: 07-22-l897 to George Klauser & Schlothauer
       Died: 05-l7-l974
       Married: 05-08-l9l7 to George Graff
       Children: Edward  09-l5-l9l9
 Notes: HusbandGeorge,son,daughter,3gran,5greatgrandkidsMomSchlothauerdiedRussia-*
**- Maria  Klauser  -**
       Born: 07-08-l877 to Joh. Christof Siegward & Maria Catharina Schreiner
       Died: 06-l0-l959
       Married: 05-15-1902 to  2-Johan George C/Klauser
 Notes: Russia.7sons,5daug,24gran,l0greatgrankids.Born Kraft.lst spouse-*
**- Katherine  Klauser Knaub  -**
       Born: 02-l7-l9l2 to GeorgClauser&MarieSiegwardtSchlothauer
       Married:  to John Knaub
 Notes: Born Dobrinka, Russia.-*
**- Anna  Klauser Kuehlman  -**
       Born: 09-07-l903 to GeorgeClauser&MarieSiegwardtSchlothauer
       Died: 000000l97l
       Married: l0-29-l927 to Fred Kuehlman
 Notes: Born Dobrinka, Russia.-*
**- Marlene Ann Klauser Lienau  -**
       Born: 04/08/1938 to George Klauser & Agnes Vetsch
       Sponsored by:Emma Hermann
                    Lydia Klauser
                    Edward Graff
**- Henry Schlothauer Klauser  -**
       Born: 04-27-l898 to SchlothauerMarieSigwardSchlothuerClauser
       Died: 06-09-l981
       Married: l2-l5-l923 to Emily Markgraf
       Children: infantsondied
                 Ginny Ludwig
 Notes: Fatherwas a brothertoGeoClausers2ndWife(aSchlothr)Brot&Sisterdied-*
**- Bertha  Kleuger  -**
       Born: 04-l3-l908 to
       Died: 03-06-l974
 Notes: daug,3stepdaug,2broth,2sisters,l7gran2lgreat grandchildren.-*
**- Christian  Klunck  -**
       Born: 06-05-l873 to
       Died: 09-20-l939
 Notes: Fruschkrish, Russland. Widow, ll kinder, l9 grankids.Ertels: kids from-*
**- Charles  Klunk  -**
       Married:  to Agnes Razal
       Children: Ronald Charles  12/22/1938
**- Christ  Klunk  -**
       Sponsor to: Ronald Charles Klunk
**- Christ  Klunk  -**
       Born: 09-25-l906 to
       Died: 04-20-l973
 Notes: Wife,son,2dau,4brothers,5sisters.-*
**- Clarence Robert Klunk  -**
       Born: 07/26/1938 to Kaspar Klunk & Sophia Hartmann
       Sponsored by:Ottilia Jurk
                    Henry Leonhardt
                    Edwin Ruppel
**- Elmer  Klunk  -**
       Born: ll-05-l9l7 to
       Died: 07-l5-l98l
       Married:  to Rachel
 Notes: Wife Rachel.Brian Thiel read the scripture for the first time.-*
**- Katharine  Klunk  -**
       Born: l0-l0-l873 to
       Died: l2-l6-l944
 Notes: 5 daughters,6 sons,22 grand & l great grandkid.-*
**- Roger Elmer Klunk  -**
       Born: 11/30/1938 to Elmer Klunk & Rachel Elsesser
       Sponsored by:Wm.Halleen, Mrs. Lydia Halleen
                    Anna Weir
                    Emmanuel Elsesser
**- Ronald Charles Klunk  -**
       Born: 12/22/1938 to Charles Klunk & Agnes Razal
       Sponsored by:Mrs. Rachel Klunk
                    Christ Klunk
                    Victor Jacobi
**- David  Knappel  -**
       Sponsor to: Betty Jane Rusch
**- Amalia  Knaub  -**
       Sponsor to: Marianne Schrinpof
**- Christ  Knaub  -**
       Sponsor to: Marianne Schrinpof
**- John  Knaub  -**
       Sponsored by:Helen Gerber
**- Fred  Kober  -**
       Born: ll-l3-l88l to
       Died: l2-0l-l947
 Notes: Russia. Widow,6children,l4 grandchildren.-*
**- Jacob  Kober  -**
       Born: 11-l6-l87l to
       Died: 08-23-l958
 Notes: 5 daug, 3 sons.-*
**- Marie E Kober  -**
       Born: 03-27-l887 to
       Died: ll-l2-l972
 Notes: 3sons,3daug,4broth,2sis,l6gran,40greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Marie Katharine Kober  -**
       Born: l2-30-l873 to
       Died: 04-29-l947
 Notes: Husband, 3 sons, 5 daughters.-*
**- Sophia  Kober  -**
       Sponsor to: Helen Gerber
**- Peter  Krauger  -**
       Born: 29-04-l892 to
       Died: 05-0l-l98l
       Marriage Witnessed by:l brother, l nephew, 2 nieces
**- Ferdinand  Kraus  -**
       Born: 06/06/1871 to
       Died: 12/16/1923
       Married:  to R. Kraus
 Notes: Kinder: Emilie, Marie, Emma, Theo, Adolf, Walter.-*
**- David  Krause  -**
       Sponsor to: Betty Ruth Schneider
**- Mrs. John  Krause  -**
       Sponsor to: George Henry Courad
**- Julia  Krausnes  -**
       Sponsor to: Helen Gerber
**- Andreas/Henry  Kretz  -**
       Born: 12-29-l89l to Andreas Kretz & Elizabeth Kelln
       Married:  to Marie Metzler
       Children: Lorraine  06/25/1929
                 Ruth Mae  05/24/1932
 Notes: Andrew living 9-l99l.l9l2WinnipegWithGeoGraff.-*
**- Marie Metzler  Kretz  -**
       Born: 0l-05-l90l to GeoAdamMaria CatherineClauserMETZLER
       Died: 09-l6-l973
       Married:  to Andrew aka Henry
 Notes: HusbandAndrew,2daug,3Sisters,5grandchildren.GeoAdam died Russia.-*
**- Ruth Mae Kretz  -**
       Born: 05/24/1932 to Andrew Kretz & Marie Metzler
       Sponsored by:David & Amalia Brauer
                    Waldemar Becker
                    Selma Metzler
**- Lorraine  Kretz Rosmuller  -**
       Born: 04/27/1930 to Andrew Kretz & Marie Metzler
       Sponsored by:Henry & Julia Metzler Becker
                    George Graff
                    Martin &Amalia Mannchen
**- Edna  Krug  -**
       Born: 05-05-l90l to
       Died: 03-l2-l97l
 Notes: son,sister,2brothers,4grandchildren.-*
**- Herbert P. Krug,Sr.  -**
       Born: 06-01-l895 to Town of Forest,Fond du Lac Co,Wisc.
       Died: 12-23-l958
 Notes: Wife,son,4grankids,2sis,2bro.Town of Forest,Fond du Lac Co. Wisc.-*
**- Clara  Kuerme  -**
       Born: 02-09-l875 to
       Died: l0-0l-l957
 Notes: lson,ldau,2 gran lgreatgrankid.-*
**- Linda  Kuhlman  -**
       Married:  to Klaus Wulff
       Children: Erika Lynn  01/01/1974
**- Christ H Kunstman  -**
       Born: l2-30-l90l to
       Died: 0l-03-l97l
 Notes: son,daug,3sis,brother,2gandkids.-*
**- Mrs. Christ  Kunstman  -**
       Born: 04-06-l906 to
       Died: 03-06-l962
       Married:  to Christ Kunstman
 Notes: Husband,lsonLeRoy,ldauEileen Pellien,lbrotHenry Richter.-*
**- Walter Christian Kuntsmann  -**
       Born: 03-02-l929 to Christian Kunstmann & Marie geb Richter
       Died: 0l-l9-l930
 Notes: Eltern-*
**- ??  Kurtz  -**
       Married:  to Gus Kurtz
       Sponsor to: Janet Ruderbeck
**- Alexander  Kurtz  -**
       Born: 04/07/1892 to
       Died: 10/06/1918
 Notes: auf Iar Roifa narf FRANKWAIF mit Ieui ?????. Not buried in  Sheboygan.-*
        See Henry Martz died in Frank??? also.
**- Gus  Kurtz  -**
       Sponsor to: Janet Ruderbeck
**- Elizabeth  Laduer  -**
       Born: 02-02-l874 to Ruppel
       Died: 07-25-l958
       Married:  to Laduer
 Notes: 4daug,3stepkids,8grankids.-*
**- Emma  Laigam  -**
       Born: 05-03-l9l2 to
       Died: 05-23-l9l4
**- Earl  Larsen  -**
       Sponsor to: Kenneth Wayne Mueller
**- Harold E Laurbrecht,Sr.  -**
       Born: 02-06-l920 to
       Died: ll-27-l975
       Married:  to Kathleen
 Notes: Wife Kathleen,2sons,3sisters,2broth,l halfbrother.-*
**- Kay  Lausbrecht  -**
       Born: 09-l0-l948 to
       Died: l0-l4-l967
 Notes: Asphyxiation.Parents,sis,brot:Karol&Richard,grandparents(Polste p).-*
**- Peter  Legis  -**
       Born: 07-26-l9ll to
       Died: 04-l7-l980
       Married:  to Emma
 Notes: Wife Emma.-*
**- Carl  Lehner  -**
       Sponsor to: Roger Karl Mehlberg
**- Clarence Christian Lehning  -**
       Born: 06/04/1926 to Christ, Lydia Justus, Lehning
       Died: 08/24/1926
**- Henry  Leonhardt  -**
       Sponsor to: Clarence Robert Jurk
**- Robert  Littge  -**
       Born: ll-28-l858 to
       Died: 07-27-l930
 Notes: Died Bortland, N.Y., Wittare, 2 Sohn,2 Tochter, 3 Scwestern or Sisters-*
**- Wilhelm  Littge  -**
       Born: l0-l8-l852 to
       Died: 04-l3-l930
 Notes: Deutschland. l Bruder, 3 Schvestern-*
**- Lydia  Litz  -**
       Married:  to Daniel Weiss
       Children: Lydia
**- Katherine  Lobsoick  -**
       Born: 00=00-l870 to
       Died: 08-28-l959
       Married:  to Peter Jacobi
 Notes: 4son,ldaug,l7gran21grtgrankids.ServiceinMilwaukee.-*
**- Johannes  Longworth  -**
       Born: 09/05/1911 to
       Died: 05/26/1912
 Notes: Died and buried in Oshkosh.-*
**- Helen  Luebow  -**
       Married:  to Walte Ra..
       Children: Jeanette Caroli  02/18/1935
**- Delores  Lutgen  -**
       Born: 0l-0l-l929 to
       Died: 0l-2l-l974
 Notes: Father.-*
**- Audrey Fay Lutz  -**
       Born: 09-04-l930 to David Lutz & Amalia geb Hartmann
       Died: l2-2l-l930
 Notes: Eltern, l Sister. Bronchitis `& Pneumonia.-*
**- David  Lutz  -**
       Married:  to Amalia Hartmann
       Children: Richard David  12/25/1934
**- Geraldine Lois Lutz  -**
       Born: 09-04-l930 to David Lutz & Amalia geb Hartmann
       Died: l2-l9-l930
 Notes: Eltern, 2 Sisters. Bronchitis & Pneumonia.-*
**- Leo Louis Lutz  -**
       Born: 09-04-l930 to David Lutz & Amalia geb Hartmann
       Died: 09=04-l930
 Notes: Eltern, 3 Sisters, ?-*
**- Richard David Lutz  -**
       Born: l2-25-l934 to David & Amalia Hartman Lutz
 Notes: Sponsors:Eliz Horn,Theodore Hartman,Hry Fischer-*
**- Walter Friedrich Maertz  -**
       Born: 0l-3l-l9l7 to Friedrich Maertz & Ida Kiel
       Died: 07-20-l936
 Notes: Mother, grandmom, lsister,lbrother, Auto Accident.-*
**- Bertha  Maerz  -**
       Born: 02/15/1920 to Fritz,Bertha Kril, Maerz
       Died: 03/10/1920
**- Emil  Mahnke  -**
       Born: 06-l8-l89l to
       Died: 02-04-l964
 Notes: Widow,lson,ldaugh,3broth,4gran,2greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Gottfried  Maier  -**
       Sponsor to: Lydia Klauser
**- Eunice C Mannchen  -**
       Born:  to Martin Mannchen & Amalia Chrispens
       Married:  to Walter K. Herman
       Marriage Witnessed by:Waldemar Wagner
                             Esther Chrispens
**- Vicki Jean Mannchen  -**
       Born: 10/01/1953 to
       Died: 10/25/1953
 Notes: Parents-*
**- Jacob  Margolf  -**
       Born: 04-04-l884 to
       Died: 10-10-l954
 Notes: Russia.Sister,4nieces,lnephew.-*
**- Christ  Markus  -**
       Born: 03-0l-l892 to
       Died: l0-23-l974
 Notes: No immediate survirors.-*
**- Sophie  Markus  -**
       Born: 0000000000 to
       Died: 05-27-l970
       Married:  to Chris Markus
 Notes: Husband:Chris Markus.-*
**- Marie  Martin  -**
       Born: 0l-21-l886 to
       Died: 01-25-l957
 Notes: 2sons,5daug,l3grankids.-*
**- Robert  Martin  -**
       Born: 11/21/1926 to Henry, Rosina Schaefer, Martin
       Died: 09/06/1927
 Notes: Eltern,Bruder.-*
**- Henry  Martz  -**
       Born: 03/06/1890 to
       Died: 07/19/1918
 Notes: died note: in Franknit??No burial in Sheboygan.German Script.-*
**- Gertrude  Maslone  -**
       Born: 10-24-l895 to
       Died: l0-12-l955
 Notes: Husband,4broth,3sisters.Russia.-*
**- Katharina Sophia Mattern  -**
       Born: l0-09-l862 to
       Died: 05-25-l932
       Married:  to Richter
 Notes: Russland,Borgart. 2 Sohn, 2 Tochter,l3 Enkel,2 Bruder, l Sister & Sonstige-*
**- Roger Karl Mehlberg  -**
       Born: 03/16/1937 to Karl Mehlberg & Marie Neuwirth
       Sponsored by:Alexander Neuwirth
                    Leah Neuwirth
                    Earl Lehner
**- Elmer  Mertz  -**
       Born: 05/17/1922 to
       Died: 06/13/1944
 Notes: Killed in action, Invasion; Normandy, France. Mother, Sister-*
**- Emily  Mertz  -**
       Married:  to Henry Rusch
       Children: Betty Jane  03/16/1936
                 Ruth  09/21/1938
**- Friedrich  Mertz  -**
       Born: 04-l8-l889 to
       Died: 05-l7-l931
 Notes: Russland. Gattin or wife, 3 kinder, Lydia, Walter & El???, 3 Sisters in-*
**- Heinrich  Mertz  -**
       Born: 06/29/1860 to
       Died: 10/22/1927
 Notes: Gatlin, l sohn, 2 Tochters, 8 Enkel.-*
**- Henry  Mertz  -**
       Born: 07-28-l884 to
       Died: l0-l4-l973
 Notes: 2sons,3daug,6gran,4greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Ida  Mertz  -**
       Born: 09-l2-l970 to
       Died: l2-2l-l970
 Notes: ldaug,sis&broth,grandson,3grandchildren.-*
**- Regina  Mertz  -**
       Born: 0l-l8-l875 to
       Died: 04-30-l93l
       Married:  to Krause
 Notes: Russland. Emilie,Maria,Emma, Adolf,Teodor,Walter,l0 Grandkinder,l-*
**- Sophia  Mertz  -**
       Born: 10-ll-l889 to
       Died: l0-0l-l957
 Notes: Husband,2sons,3daug,? mother,sister,7broth,5grankids.-*
**- Doris Ruth Meser  -**
       Born: 09/13/1926 to Johan Messer, Frau & Kinder
       Died: 09/15/1026
**- Reinhold  Meslon  -**
       Born: 08-3l-l900 to
       Died: 04-05-l968
 Notes: Born Germany.No survivors.-*
**- Lydia  Metcher  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Metcher
       Sponsor to: Jean Carole Fritz
**- David Infant Metzler  -**
       Born: 12/23/1911 to David & MariaMaryClauser steppaReich
       Died: 12/25/1911
 Notes: Not related to GeoClausser.-*
**- Ruth Elizabeth Metzler  -**
       Sponsor to: Alvina Botthauer
**- Julia  Metzler Becker  -**
       Born: 26-04-l895 to Geo Adam&Maria CatherineClauser Metzler
       Died: 08-ll-l980
       Married:  to Henry Becker
       Sponsor to: Lydia&HenrySinner;Amalia&DavidBrauer; Al
 Notes: 4 sons,Sister,l0 grandchildren.Julia's-*
**- Marie  Metzler Kretz  -**
**- Carol Jean Metzner  -**
       Born: 09/27/1938 to Hugo Metzner & Emma Mueller
       Sponsored by:Mrs. Milton Zatz
                    Alex Mueller
                    Charles Mi?alowsky
**- Clifford Hugo Metzner  -**
       Born: 03-l2-l934 to
       Died: 06-06-l934
 Notes: Parents, Grandparents.-*
**- Hugo  Metzner  -**
       Married:  to Emma Mueller
       Children: Nancy Amalia  07/29/1935
                 Carol Jean  09/27/1938
**- Nancy Amalia Metzner  -**
       Born: 07/29/1935 to Hugo Metzner & Emma Mueller
       Sponsored by:Ruben Van Calligan
                    Seraphina Mueller
                    Walter Rieck
**- Mathilda  Michaels  -**
       Born: 07-l3-l883 to
       Died: 07-l5-l969
 Notes: Pneumonia.Brot,Sis,2stepson,stepdau,llgranl8gratgrandchildren.-*
**- Arthur H Milbroth  -**
       Born: 03-05-l9ll to
       Died: 06-27-l974
       Married:  to Irene
 Notes: Wife Irene,daug,son,4broth,sister,3granchildren.-*
**- Clyde W. Milbroth  -**
       Born: l2-29-l938 to
       Died: l0-l8-l974
       Married:  to Mary
 Notes: Wife Mary,Mom Irene,2sons,daughter,sister.-*
**- Norma E Miller  -**
       Born: 04-l3-l9l9 to
       Died: l0-l3-l979
       Married:  to Eugene Weber
 Notes: HusbandEugene,3sons,3daughters.-*
**- Alma  Mueller  -**
       Married:  to William Mueller
       Children: Virginia Marie  04/26/1938
**- Amalia  Mueller  -**
       Born: 03-3l-l889 to
       Died: 03-3l-l889
 Notes: 2daug,son,brot,9granl0greatgrandkids.-*
**- Emil William Mueller  -**
       Born: 04-l6-l9ll to
       Died: 09-23-l944
 Notes: Mother,2 brothers, l sister.-*
**- Emilie  Mueller  -**
       Born: 05-ll-l883 to
       Died: 02-23-l978
 Notes: 2sons,4daughters.-*
**- Emma  Mueller  -**
       Married:  to Hugo Metzner
       Children: Nancy Amalia  07/29/1935
                 Carol Jean  09/27/1938
**- Ferdinand  Mueller  -**
       Born: 07-l9-l879 to
       Died: 02-l9-l963
 Notes: lson,4daugh,lbrother.-*
**- Henry C Mueller  -**
       Born: 12/25/1882 to
       Died: 09/15/1950
 Notes: wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 2 grandkids, l brother, 2 sisters-*
**- Johanna  Mueller  -**
       Born: 05-24-l874 to
       Died: 06-29-l947
 Notes: 7 Children.-*
**- Johanna  Mueller  -**
       Born: ll-09-l902 to
       Died: 04-08-l934
       Married:  to Ruppel
 Notes: Gatte,TochterCarrol Mae,Eltern3Bruder4SisSonstige FresnoCA.-*
**- John  Mueller  -**
       Born: ll-06-l872 to
       Died: l0-l9-l939
 Notes: Reinwald, Russ. Wife, 3 sons,4 daughters, l0 grankids, l Brother.-*
**- Kenneth Wayne Mueller  -**
       Born: 01/13/1938 to Henry Mueller jr &Marion Sonneman
       Sponsored by:Mrs. Emily Buckle
                    Selma Mueller,Earl Larsen
                    Woodrow Sonneman
**- Louise  Mueller  -**
       Born: 07-09-l9ll to
       Died: 09-l3-l959
       Married:  to Henry Mueller
 Notes: Husband,Mom,2daug,son,6grankids,8brot,2sisters.-*
**- Marie  Mueller  -**
       Sponsor to: Virginia Maire Mueller
**- Marion  Mueller  -**
       Born: 05-02-l9l0 to
       Died: 07-24-l977
 Notes: 2sons,Sister,9gran,lgreatgrandchild.-*
**- Natalia  Mueller  -**
       Married:  to Christ Schrinpof
       Children: Marianne  09/06/1938
**- Rosa  Mueller  -**
       Born: 03-26-l893 to
       Died: 08-28-l956
 Notes: Husband,lson,4daug,4broth,lsister,lgreat grankid.-*
**- Selma  Mueller  -**
       Sponsor to: Kenneth Wayne Mueller
**- Seraphina  Mueller  -**
       Sponsor to: Nancy Amalia Metzner
**- Virginia Marie Mueller  -**
       Born: 04/26/1938 to William Mueller & Alma Ruppel
       Sponsored by:Otto Ruppel
                    Edward Ruppel
                    Marie Mueller
**- William  Mueller  -**
       Married:  to Alma Ruppel
       Children: Virginia Marie  04/26/1938
       Sponsor to: George Henry Courad
**- William Arthur Mueller  -**
       Born: 04-22-l9l3 to
       Died: 06-l3-l942
 Notes: Widow, 2 kids, l brother, l sister, 5 sisters in law, 2 broth in law.-*
        Drowned Lake Michigan.
**- Henry  Mueller jr  -**
       Married:  to Marion Sonneman
       Children: Kenneth Wayne  01/13/1938
**- Henry  Mueller,Sr.  -**
       Born: 06-26-l876 to
       Died: 05-04-l957
 Notes: Widow,2sons,4daug,l0gran 2greatgrankids.-*
**- (Minnie?)  Munso  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Ronald Munso
       Sponsor to: Vivian Rae Diener
**- Ronald  Munso  -**
       Married:  to (Minnie)
       Sponsor to: Richard Diener
**- Karl  Nehlburg  -**
       Married:  to Marie Neuwirth
       Children: Roger Karl  03/16/1937
**- Else  Neiwirth  -**
       Born: 11/30/1871 to Gottlieb Neiwirth&Amalie Markgraf
       Sponsored by:Christian Felde
                    Heinrich Reiner
                    Elizabeth Markgraf
**- Gottlieb  Neiwirth  -**
       Married:  to Amalie Markgraf
       Children: Else  11/30/1871
**- Alexander  Neuwirth  -**
       Sponsor to: Ronald Lewis Gissel
                   Roger Karl Neuwirth
**- Arthur  Neuwirth  -**
       Married:  to Anne Kasewitch
       Children: Elizabeth Anne  12/12/1935
**- Arthur  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 04-04-l9l3 to
       Died: 07-30-l978
       Married:  to Anne
 Notes: Widow Anne,Dan,Elizabeth-*
**- Carl  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 0l-09-l874 to
       Died: 04-09-l957
 Notes: 4sons,4daugh,l4gran l0greatgrankids.-*
**- Dorothea  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 12/07/1873 to
       Died: 04/10/1924
       Married:  to Carl Neuwirth
 Notes: Kinder: Christ, Johann, Alex, Elisabeth, Adolf, Mariea, Arthur,-*
**- Elizabeth  Neuwirth  -**
       Married:  to Louis Gissel
       Children: Ronald Louis  01/22/1939
**- Elizabeth Anne Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 12/12/1935 to Arthur Neuwirth & Anne Kasewitch
       Sponsored by:Louis Gissel
                    Carl Wiklberg
                    Emma Neuwirth
**- Emma  Neuwirth  -**
       Sponsor to: Ronald Louis Gissel
                   Elizabeth Ann Neuwirth
**- Gottlieb  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 04-l6-l903 to
       Died: 09-07-l974
       Married:  to Emily
 Notes: Wife Emily,2sons,4sisters,5grand,lgreatgrandaughter.-*
**- Heinrich  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 0 to
       Died: 07-04-l9l3
 Notes: no birthdate-*
**- Johannes  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: l0-l2-l903 to
       Died: 12-25-1928
 Notes: Gattin or Wife,Vater, 3 Bruder,$ Schwester or sister. l Sohn,-*
        Schvigerettern & Visle Anvervandte.
**- Kinder  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 05-09-l9l4 to Infant son of Johannes Neuwirth
       Died: 05-24-l9l4
**- Kinder  Neuwirth  -**
       Born: 08/03/1926 to John,Marie Bolgert, Neuwirth
       Died: 08-03-l926
**- Leah  Neuwirth  -**
       Sponsor to: Roger Karl Mehlberg
**- Marie  Neuwirth  -**
       Married:  to Karl Mehlberg
       Children: Roger Karl  03/16/1937
**- Elizabeth  Niesing  -**
       Born: 08-24-l875 to
       Died: 04-03-l963
 Notes: Russia.lson,4daug,l4gran,l7greatgran.lgreat-great-grandchild.-*
**- Gottlieb  Niesing  -**
       Born: ll-0l-l88l to
       Died: l2-l7-l975
 Notes: 5sons,5dau,2lgran,l9greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Anna Elisabeth Obermiller  -**
       Born: 06-l3-l862 to
       Died: 0l-07-l932
       Married:  to Fischer
 Notes: Russland. Husband, 8 Kinder,l6 Eukel,Peter&Christ ?Miller, Anna-*
        Barethe,Katharina F  ht,Christ,Heinrich,Edward & Alexander Fischer.
**- Peter Wayne Oneson  -**
       Born: ll-04-l96l to
       Died: ll-05-l96l
 Notes: Parents,lsister.-*
**- Marie  Pantel  -**
       Born:  to Heinrich Schwartz & Lonisa Ruskhe
       Married:  to Johann Poppenhagen3rdMarriage
       Marriage Witnessed by:Wildhem Craus
                             Auguste Graus
**- Adele  Pantel Klauser  -**
       Born: 07-00-l9l0 to
       Died: ll-09-l972
       Married:  to David Klauser
 Notes: HusbandDavid,2daug,brother,4grandchildren.-*
**- Goldie  Pauck  -**
       Married:  to Elmer Hackbarth
       Children: Elmer Jerome  11/16/1936
**- Martha  Pauck  -**
       Sponsor to: Elmer Jerome Hackbarth
**- August  Pawasarat  -**
       Born: 06-l8-l905 to
       Died: 06-l2-l975
       Married:  to Sophie
 Notes: Wife Sophie,son,daug,2stepsons,2broth,sister,3granchildren.-*
**- Margaret  Pawasarat  -**
       Born: 09-23-l906 to
       Died: ll-l7-l960
 Notes: husband,daugh,son,mother,lbrother.-*
**- John  Pfister  -**
       Born: 08-27-l899 to
       Died: 07-l2-l976
 Notes: Sister,3brothers.-*
**- Mary  Pfister  -**
       Born: 03-08-l90l to
       Died: 03-24-l975
       Married:  to John
 Notes: Wife John,3sisters.-*
**- Natalia  Pinnacker  -**
       Married:  to Conrad Schleining
       Children: Betty Jean  10/24/1937
**- Harry F Polster  -**
       Born: 07-28-l90l to
       Died: 05-30-l97l
 Notes: Wife,son,4daug,Sis,l9grandchildren.-*
**- Lillian M Polster  -**
       Born: 08-03-l905 to
       Died: 0l-24-l977
 Notes: Son,4daugh,l9grandchildren.-*
**- Johann  Poppenhagen  -**
       Born:  to Johann P. & Marie Bockinann
       Married: 09/17/1927 to Marie Pantel
       Marriage Witnessed by:Wildhem Craus
                             Auguste Graus
**- Christian  Praeger  -**
       Born: 11/01/1883 to
       Died: 05/31/1915
 Notes: Sophia.  Dorthea, Gottfried, Johannes, Christ-*
**- Lafayette  Pulman  -**
       Born: 09-08-l875 to
       Died: 02-20-l964
 Notes: lstep-son,3granchildren.-*
**- Infant Girl  Ramaker  -**
       Born: 06-23-l973 to
       Died: 08-l3-l973
 Notes: Mother:Peggy L. VandeKreske-*
**- Helen  Ranern?  -**
       Born: 05-3l-l9l3 to
       Died: 06-06-l970
       Married:  to Walter
 Notes: Husband:Walter,son,3dau,2brot,2grandkids.-*
**- Martha  Rausehlbach  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Rausehlbach
       Sponsor to: Richard Paul Griebel
**- Agnes  Razal  -**
       Married:  to Charles Klunk
       Children: Ronald Charles  01/22/1938
**- Sophia  Reich  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Rieck
       Sponsor to: Dorothy Helen Schlegel
**- David  Reimer  -**
       Born: 12/02/1891 to Marie Reimer
       Died: 06/24/1920
       Married:  to Sophia Lessler?
 Notes: Fraus: Sophia Lessler, Amalie Dietz. REINWALD-*
**- August  Reinholtz  -**
       Born: 09-l7-l88l to
 Notes: Widow,3sons,3daug,9grankids,lbrother.-*
**- Herman  Reinholz  -**
       Born: 01/03/1886 to
       Died: 08/29/1953
 Notes: 2 sons, 2 daughter, 5 grandkids, 3 sisters-*
**- Madeline  Reinholz  -**
       Born: 09-05-l907 to
       Died: 0l-l9-l946
 Notes: Husband, 2 sons, 2 daugtr,her parents,2 sisters.-*
**- Olga  Reinholz  -**
       Born: 08-02-l89l to
       Died: 02-27-l979
 Notes: 3sons,3daughters,llgran,5greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Sophia  Reisner  -**
       Married:  to Ferdinand Jurk
**- Jeanette Caroline Reisner?  -**
       Born: 02/18/1935 to Walter Ra.. & Helen Luebow
       Sponsored by:Myrtle Ra..
                    Raymond Ra..
                    Herman Bolle
**- Myrtle  Reisner?  -**
       Sponsor to: Jeanette Caroline Ra..
**- Raymond  Reisner?  -**
       Sponsor to: Jeanette Caroline Ra..
**- Walter  Reisner?  -**
       Married:  to Helen Luebow
       Children: Jeanette Caroli  02/18/1935
**- Elmer  Rettler  -**
       Born: 02-05-l9l5 to Aug.&Julia Rettler
       Died: 02-05-l9l5
**- Emil  Rettler  -**
       Born: 06-25-l9ll to
       Died: 12-09-l9ll
**- Jean Marilyn Reyn  -**
       Born: 09/18/1937 to Paul Reyn & Mary Diener
       Sponsored by:Jack Foster
                    Mrs. Jack Foster (Amalia)
                    Andrew Hansen
**- Paul  Reyn  -**
       Married:  to Mary Diener
       Children: Jean Marilyn  09/18/1937
**- Earl  Reynolds  -**
       Born: 07-l0-l9l8 to
       Died: 03-2l-l96l
 Notes: Heart Attack.Wife,lson,ldaugh,father,3brot,2sisters.-*
**- Harry  Rhodes  -**
       Sponsor to: Sheila Carol Holgwart
**- Julia  Rhodes  -**
       Married:  to Harry Rhodes
       Sponsor to: Sheila Carol Holgwart
**- Shirley  Rhodes  -**
       Married:  to Emil Holgwardt
       Children: Sheila Carol  01/25/1938
**-   Richter  -**
       Born: 04-06-l906 to
       Died: 03-06-l962
       Married:  to Christ Kunstman
 Notes: Husband,lsonLeRoy,ldauEileen Pellien,lbrotHenry Richter.-*
**- Bruno Otto Richter  -**
       Born: 05/24/1879 to
       Died: 02/28/1954
 Notes: wife, 2 daughters, 3 grandkids, l brother-*
**- Evelyn  Richter  -**
       Born: 02-23-l929 to Horn
       Died: l2-l9-l982
       Married:  to Richter
 Notes: Husband,3sons.-*
**- Helen  Richter  -**
       Born: 08-l6-l902 to Rose
       Died: ll-l8-l968
       Married:  to Henry Richter
 Notes: HusbandHenry.SonArthur,lgrank,MomRose,2brot,2sisters.-*
**- Ida  Richter  -**
       Born: 03-08-l88l to
       Died: 0l-25-l960
 Notes: 2daug,3gran,4greatgran,brother.-*
**- Johann Christian Richter  -**
       Born: ll-09-l862 to
       Died: l2-3l-l930
 Notes: Gattin or wife, 2 sohn, 2 tochter, l0 Enkel or Grandkinder-*
**- Katherina Sophia Richter Mattern  -**
**- Walter  Rieck  -**
       Sponsor to: Nancy Amalia Metzner
**- Shirley  Rieder  -**
       Born: 05-03-l940 to
       Died: 08-l3-l97l
 Notes: Daughter,Parents,2broth,paternalgrandmom.-*
**- Natalia  Rinnecker  -**
       Married:  to Gourd Schlieining
       Children: Darlene June  11/17/1935
**- Otto  Rohde  -**
       Born: 07-l9-l892 to
       Died: 02-26-l962
 Notes: 3sons,2daug,8grankids,4brot,3sisters.Tp Sheboygan.-*
**- Gary Kenneth Rosenthal  -**
       Born: 10/14/1938 to PhillipRosenthal&IolaChristianson
       Died: 01-02-1939
       Sponsored by:Robert DeSchmidt
                    Mrs. "
 Notes: 2 brothers & relatives.-*
**- Henry  Rosenthal  -**
       Born:  to PhilipRosenthal&Elizabeth Yurk
       Married: 08/20/1932 to Edna Weiss
       Children: Henry Ronald D.  05/22/1938
       Sponsor to: Joa Ann Aleda Wiegaud
       Marriage Witnessed by:Fred Kober
                             Leona Weiss
**- Henry RonaldDalton Rosenthal  -**
       Born: 05/22/1938 to Henry Rosenthal & Edna Weiss
       Sponsored by:Herbert Weiss
                    Eugene Weiss
                    Marie Wagner
**- Philip  Rosenthal  -**
       Married:  to Elizabeth Yurk
       Children: Henry
**- Pauline  Rowe  -**
       Born: 07/16/1873 to
       Died: 01/23/1949
 Notes: 5 children, l6 grand 4 great grandkids-*
**- Janet  Rudebeck  -**
       Born: 11/02/1936 to Leslie Rudebeck & Sophia Herzog
       Sponsored by:Gus Kurtz
                    Mrs. Gus Kurtz
**- Leslie  Rudebeck  -**
       Married:  to Sophia Herzog
       Children: Janet  11/02/1936
**- Amalia  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 08-3l-l885 to
       Died: l2-27-l926
 Notes: Russia.Gatte,8 kinder,4Schveste-*
**- Anna  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 02-03-l874 to
       Died: 03-02-l957
 Notes: 5sons,7gran & 3 greatgrandkids.-*
**- Clara Welde Ruppel  -**
       Born: ll-30-l882 to
       Died: 07-0l-l966
       Married:  to John Caspar Ruppel
 Notes: Husband,John Caspar,3daug,ltwinSister,l3gran,25greatgrandchildren.-*
**- David  Ruppel  -**
       Born: l0-l0-l904 to
       Died: l2-l4-l97l
 Notes: 3 Brothers.-*
**- David?  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 01/29/1918 to
**- Dorine Ann Ruppel  -**
       Born: 03/22/1937 to Fred Ruppel jr & Evelyyn Kiel
       Sponsored by:Pauline Ruppel
                    Edward Ruppel
                    Mrs. Henry (Sylvia Kiel)
**- Edward  Ruppel  -**
       Married:  to Marjorie Hochenke
       Children: Richard  02/28/1937
       Sponsor to: Dorine Ann Ruppel
**- Edwin  Ruppel  -**
       Sponsor to: Clarence Robert Jurk
**- Elizabeth  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 02-02-l874 to Ruppel
       Died: 07-25-l958
       Married:  to Laduer
 Notes: Died Milwaukee.4 dau,8grankids,3 stepkids.-*
**- Ella  Ruppel  -**
       Married:  to Paul Griebel
       Children: Richard Paul  07/09/1938
**- Elva  Ruppel  -**
       Sponsor to: George Henry Courad
**- Frieda  Ruppel  -**
       Married:  to George Courad
       Children: George Henry  04/03/1939
**- Friedrich  Ruppel  -**
       Married:  to Maria Rattorina geb Markgraf
       Children: Johann Christia  06/02/1917
**- Gerald Edward Ruppel  -**
       Born: 07/11/1939 to Edward Ruppel & Marjorie Hoehicke
       Sponsored by:Fred Ruppel jr
                    Mrs. Fred Ruppel jr
**- Gottlieb  Ruppel  -**
       Born: ll-25-l90l to
       Died: 06-l5-l974
       Married:  to Amalia
 Notes: WifeAmalia,daug,2broth,sister.-*
**- Hedwig C Ruppel  -**
       Born: 0l-29-l902 to Holtzmann
       Died: 05-06-l982
 Notes: 5daughters,2sons.-*
**- Heinrich  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 02/18/1887 to
       Died: 01/11/1928
       Married:  to Marie
 Notes: 3 kinder, 3 bruder, 3 sisters.-*
**- Henry  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 12/04/1873 to
       Died: 11/27/1955
       Sponsor to: Gottleib Heinze
 Notes: wife, 5 sons-*
**- Henry P. Ruppel  -**
       Born: l0-02-l884 to
       Died: 07-l7-l974
       Married:  to Hattie
 Notes: Wife,Hattie,6dau,2son,brother,l2gran,20greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Johann Christian Ruppel  -**
       Born: 06/02/1917 to Friedrick Ruppel & Maria Rattorin
       Sponsored by:Christian Dahmer
                    Heinrich Ruppel
                    Lisabeth Markgraf
**- Johanne  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 02/28/l9l8 to
       Died: 03/09/1918
**- John  Ruppel  -**
       Sponsor to: Richard Paul Griebel
**- John C Ruppel  -**
       Born: 0l-28-l883 to
       Died: 02-20-l97l
 Notes: 3daughters,brother,4sis,l3gran,27great,2greatgreatgrandkids.-*
**- John Caspar Ruppel  -**
**- Katharine  Ruppel  -**
       Born: ll-l8-l885 to
       Died: 1-ll-l962
       Married:  to Ruppel,Fredrich
 Notes: Husband,Fredrick,5sons,6dau,26gran,7greatgranchildren.-*
**- Marie  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 0l-l7-l9l0 to
       Died: 06-30-l936
 Notes: Parents, l sister, 5 brothers-*
**- Mary  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 07-27-l877 to
       Died: 05-l9-l966
 Notes: 6sons,2daug,20gran,llgreatgrandchildren.-*
**- Molly Amalia Ruppel  -**
       Born: 0l-28-l908 to
       Died: 07-06-l978
 Notes: Daughter June,Brother Knoll.-*
**- Otto  Ruppel  -**
       Sponsor to: Virginia Marie Mueller
**- Pauline  Ruppel  -**
       Sponsor to: Dorine Ann Ruppel
**- Richard  Ruppel  -**
       Born: 02/28/1937 to Edward Ruppel & Marjorie Hochnke
       Sponsored by:Klaus Gorter
                    Mrs. Gorter
**- Johanna  Ruppel Mueller  -**
**- Fred  Ruppel jr  -**
       Married:  to Evelyn Kiel
       Children: Dorine Ann  03/22/1937
       Sponsor to: Gerald Edward Ruppel
**- Fredrick  Ruppel, Sr.  -**
       Born: 06-27-l880 to
       Died: l2-l6-l970
 Notes: 5sons,6daug,lbrot,27gran25greatgrandkids.-*
**- Edward  Ruppell  -**
       Married:  to Marjorie Hoehicke
       Children: Gerald Edward  07/11/1939
       Sponsor to: Virginia Marie Mueller
**- Betty Jane Rusch  -**
       Born: 03-l6-l936 to Rusch
       Died: 06-l9-l940
 Notes: Parents, l Brother & Sisters.-*
**- Betty Jane Rusch  -**
       Born: 03/16/1936 to Henry Rusch & Emily Mertz
       Sponsored by:Mrs. David Jurk
                    David Knappel
                    Arthur Dickmann
**- Emily  Rusch  -**
       Born: 08-l3-l9l4 to Henry Rusch & Emily Mertz
       Died: 09-01-l937
 Notes: Parents, Grandmother, l Brother, 6 Sisters. Burned.-*
**- Henry  Rusch  -**
       Married:  to Emily Mertz
       Children: Betty Jane  03/16/1936
                 Ruth  09/21/1938
**- Lydia  Rusch  -**
       Born: 07/14/1913 to Heinrich,Berta geb Graf, Rusch
       Died: 09/29/1919
 Notes: Gebsister? Viola, Anna-*
**- Ruth  Rusch  -**
       Born: 09/21/1938 to Henry Rusch & Emily Mertz
       Sponsored by:Carl Schovenk
                    Marie Fredrick
                    Rosa Eirich
**- Lonisa  Rusckhe see Pantel  -**
**- Adam  Sauermilch  -**
       Born: 11/18/1884 to
       Died: 04/07/1917
 Notes: Frau Sauermilch in Russlandand 3 Kinder. typhus-*
**- Wayne  Sauern?  -**
       Born: 09-l2-l934 to
       Died: 04-l6-l973
 Notes: Parents,Sister.-*
**- Todd Ricky Savinski  -**
       Born: 09-29-l979 to Donald,Dawn McCandless,Savinski
       Died: 09-29-l979
 Notes: Stillborn.Parents Donald,Dawn nee McCandless,Savinski.Baby Baptized.-*
**- Friedrich  Schaefer  -**
       Born: 06/03/1891 to
       Died: 10/08/1917
       Married:  to Katherine geb Beller
 Notes: Frau Katharine Schaefer geb Beller.    Friedrich-*
**- Gottlieb  Schaefer  -**
       Born: 12/15/1919 to
       Died: 06/16/1927
**- Lillie  Schafer  -**
       Born: 07-05-l929 to Gottlieb & Sophia Schafer
       Died: 0l-11-l929
 Notes: Mother Sophia geb Welsch-*
**- Arno  Schanglies  -**
       Married:  to Pauline Welsch
       Children: Janice Mae  05/03/1936
**- Arthur  Schanglies  -**
       Sponsor to: Janice Mae Scanglies
**- Janice Mae Schanglies  -**
       Born: 05/03/1936 to Arno Schanglies & Pauline Welsch
       Sponsored by:Mrs. Jacob (Selma) Strauss
                    Arthur Schanglies
                    John Seseler
**- Christ  Scharich  -**
       Born: 08-3l-l889 to
       Died: 07-l5-l935
 Notes: RusslandReinwald.Wife,Tochter,Stepdaugh5BrothersSis.Cancer.-*
**- Elizabeth  Scheidel  -**
       Born: 10/17/1892 to
       Died: 11/08/1953
       Married:  to Henry
 Notes: husband, 3 daughters, 1 son-*
**- Henry  Scheidel  -**
       Born: 05-24-l890 to
       Died: l0-l6-l960
 Notes: lson,3daug,l2grand,lgreatgrankid.-*
**- John  Scheidel  -**
       Born: 0l-l0-l886 to
       Died: 01-21-l956
 Notes: Cancer.Wife,lson,3daughters.-*
**- Max  Scherfenberg  -**
       Born: 12/13/1897 to
       Died: 03/30/1951
 Notes: wife, 3 brothers, 3 sisters-*
**- Christine  Schimkat see Hasmeid  -**
**- Christ  Schimph  -**
       Born: ll-26-l906 to
       Died: 0l-23-l980
 Notes: Widow,son,daughter.-*
**- Dorothy Helen Schlegel  -**
       Born: 07/01/1935 to Peter Schlegel & Emilie Berlacli
       Sponsored by:Mrs. Dorothy Staff
                    Fred Eirich
                    Mrs. Sophia Erich
**- Peter  Schlegel  -**
       Married:  to Emilie Berlacli
       Children: Dorothy Helen  07/01/1935
**- Peter  Schlegel  -**
       Born: 11/10/1933 to
       Sponsored by:George Wolf
                    Mrs. Selma Wolf
**- Conrad  Schleining  -**
       Born: 04-08-l892 to
       Died: 04-20-l968
       Married:  to Natalia Pinnecker
       Children: Betty Jean  l0-24-l937
 Notes: Russia.Wife,2sons,5daug,l8grandchildren.-*
**- Darlene June Schleining  -**
       Born: 11/17/1935 to ConradScheeining&NataliaPinnacker
       Sponsored by:Amalia Eisich
                    Heinrich Becker
                    Jacob Dietz
**- Nathalie  Schleining  -**
       Born: 08-04-l903 to
       Died: 06-l6-l972
 Notes: 2sons,5daug,brot,3sis,4stepsis,3stepbrothers,l8grankids.-*
**- Betty Jean Schleinning  -**
       Born: 10/24/1937 to ConradSchleining&NataliaPinnacker
       Sponsored by:Victor Jacobi
                    Heinrich Eirich
                    Marion Dietz
**- Adam  Schlotthauer  -**
 Notes: Went back to Russia for family and did not return; 7-l99l.-*
**- Gottlieb  Schlutz  -**
       Born: ll-l5-l885 to
       Died: 07-07-l946
 Notes: widow, 6 stepkids,l0 grandkids. Russia.-*
**- Robert Chas. Schmidt  -**
       Born: 04-28-l932 to David & Julia
       Died: 07-20-l958
 Notes: Parents,brot, ?.-*
**- Dorothy Andrea Schmidt ?  -**
       Born: 04/01/1926 to Carl, Dorothy
       Died: 05/05/1926
**- Betty Ruth Schneider  -**
       Born: 07/12/1939 to John Schneider & Sophia Zitzer
       Sponsored by:David W???
                    Mrs. Maria ??
                    David Krauss,Sc.. Zitzer
**- John  Schneider  -**
       Married:  to Sophia Zitzer
       Children: Betty Ruth  07/12/1939
**- John  Schneider,Sr.  -**
       Born: 0l-l6-l89l to
       Died: 05-3l-l96l
 Notes: Cancer.2sons,5daug,8gran,lgreatgranchild.-*
**- Henry  Schramm  -**
       Sponsor to: Kathleen Fay Zittel
**- Martha  Schramm  -**
       Married:  to Ernest Zittel
       Children: Kathleen Fay  02/03/1935
**- Christ  Schrinpof  -**
       Married:  to Natalia Mueller
       Children: Marianne  09/06/1938
**- Marianne  Schrinpof  -**
       Born: 09/06/1938 to Christ Schrinpof &Natalia Mueller
       Sponsored by:Christ Knaub
                    Amalia Knaub
                    Emmanuel Elsesser
**- David  Schroeder  -**
       Born: 07/22/1878 to
       Died: 03/20/1927
 Notes: Gattin, 5 kinder, 2 enkel, l bruder, 2 Schisters-*
**- Carl  Schsvenk  -**
       Sponsor to: Ruth Rusch
**- Sophia  Schudel  -**
       Born: 08-l3-l888 to
       Died: 06-08-l967
 Notes: Cancer.SonJohn,3daug:Frieda Einch,Sophie also,Ralph-*
**- Clarence W Schultz  -**
       Born: 03-25-l907 to
       Died: 02-28-l974
 Notes: Wife,2sons,2dau,l6gran,lgreat grandson.-*
**- Kathrine  Schultz  -**
       Born: 07-26-l89l to
       Died: 09-l4-l965
 Notes: Pneumonia,Heart.2sons,4daug,l4gran,l9greatgandchildren.-*
**- Sylvester  Schunk  -**
       Born: 09-06-l9ll to
       Died: 02-20-l974
 Notes: Wife,daug,son,7Sister,several grandchildren.-*
**- Hilda  Seidenzohl  -**
       Sponsor to: Vivian Rae Diener
**- Emma  Sessler  -**
       Born: 08-09-l909 to
       Died: l0-27-l973
       Married:  to Gottfried
 Notes: Husband,Gottfried,2dau,3brot,4sisters,6grandchildren.-*
**- Gottfried  Sessler  -**
       Born: 09-ll-l897 to
       Died: ll-27-l980
 Notes: 2 daughters-*
**- John  Sessler,Sr.  -**
       Born: 04-0l-l890 to
       Died: ll-l2-l969
       Married:  to Amalia Kernean?
 Notes: WifeAmaliaKernean,3sons,daug,stepson,2stepdau,l0gran2greatgrandkids.-*
**- Sohn  Sickman  -**
       Born: 09-l6-l929 to Otto Sickmann & Emma geb Waruke
       Died: 09-l6-l929
 Notes: Eltern, 3 Bruder-*
**- Maria  Siegwardt  -**
       Born: 07-08-l877 to Joh. Christof Siegward & Maria Catharina Schreiner
       Died: 06-l0-l959
       Married:  to Joh George C/Klauser
 Notes: Dobrinka,Russ.lhusban:Schlothauer,sonHenryraised a Klauser.Born in Kraft.-*
**- Hermann  Sistler  -**
       Died: 05/08/1913
**- Arthur  Sonnenfeld  -**
       Born: 04/13/1924 to Friedrich & Martha Sonnenfeld
       Died: 12/23/1926
 Notes: Etteru, 5 Bruder, 5 Schrster. Diptheria-*
**- William  Sonnenfeld  -**
       Born: 04-l9-l894 to
       Died: 10-25-l955
 Notes: Menno,So.Dakota.Wife,3daugh,lson,lsister,3broth,7grandkids.-*
**- Marion  Sonnerman  -**
       Married:  to Henry Mueller jr
       Children: Kenneth Wayne  01/13/1938
**- Woodrow  Sonnerman  -**
       Sponsor to: Kenneth Wayne Mueller
**- Marie  Sprengel  -**
       Born: 08-03-l92l to
       Died: 04-04-l977
 Notes: Mother,daug,3sons,ll grandchildren.-*
**- Allan J Spreugel  -**
       Born: 03-30-l945 to
       Died: 07-03-1968
 Notes: Mother,lsis,3brothers,maternal grandmother.-*
**- Patricia Ann Spreugel  -**
       Born: 0l-2l-l965 to
       Died: 05-24-l967
 Notes: Drowned.Mrs.Bonmarie Speugel,AllanSpruegel,2sis:DEbra,Roxanne.-*
**- Robert  Spreugel  -**
       Born: 04-20-l920 to
       Died: 008-24-l960
 Notes: Widow,daug,4sons,3grandkids,mom,sister.-*
**- Dorothy  Staff  -**
       Married:  to Mr. Staff
       Sponsor to: Dorothy Helen Schlegel
**- Katherine  Stoecke  -**
       Married:  to Henry Stocke
       Sponsored by:Richard Diener
**- Erna  Stoeckhardt  -**
       Born: 03-23-l892 to
       Died: l0-30-l978
 Notes: Daug: Ruth,Irma,Widow of Pastor.-*
**- Pastor Ernest  Stoeckhardt  -**
       Born: 06-l8-l888 to
       Died: 04-22-l94l
       Married:  to Erna grades l-4 Ebenezer
 Notes: Wife, 3 tochters. Served July 4, l926-April 22, l94l.-*
**- Selma  Strauss  -**
       Married:  to Jacob Strauss
       Sponsor to: Janice Mae Schanglies
**- Tillie  Streese  -**
       Born: 06-02-l880 to
       Died: 05-28-l968
 Notes: BuriedTwoRivers.2sons,ldaug,lsis,5gran&5greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Pearl  Stueber  -**
       Married:  to Christ Wiegand
       Children: Joe Ann Aleda  07/20/1935
**- Bernard L Sufeldt  -**
       Born: 04/08/1911 to
       Died: 07/28/1944
 Notes: Killed in action. Wife, 5 children, parents-*
**- Viola  Swan  -**
       Married:  to John Swan
       Sponsor to: Marlene Frances Hermann
**- Mary Arleen TeTschlag  -**
       Born: l0-07-l934 to
       Died: 0l-l9-l935
 Notes: Parents, Grandparents.-*
**- Allen Dale Ten Haken  -**
       Born: 06/15/1950 to Mr & Mrs Gerald Ten Haken
       Died: 06/16/1950
 Notes: premature birth-*
**- Elmer W. Tetschag  -**
       Born: 06-l0-l9l0 to
       Died: 07-l6-l964
 Notes: Widow,son,3brothers,lsister.-*
**- Herbert  Thiel,Sr.  -**
       Born: 08-20-l9l2 to
       Died: 04-26-l969
       Married:  to Eleanora
 Notes: WidowEleanora,3sons,4daug,4bro,5sis,llgrandchildren.-*
**- David  Ulrich  -**
       Born: 0000000000 to
       Died: ll-28-l970
 Notes: l daughter.-*
**- Sophie  Ulrich  -**
       Born: 0l-02-l902 to
       Died: 08-2l-l970
       Married:  to David
 Notes: HusbandDavid,daug,2brothers,sister.-*
**- Helen  Uschkurat  -**
       Born: 03/04/1863 to
       Died: 11/10/1955
 Notes: 3 daughters, 2 half-sisters, 5 grand 8 great grandkids-*
**- Ruben  Van Calligan  -**
       Sponsor to: Nancy Amalia Metzner
**- Peggy L VandeKreske  -**
       Married:  to Ramaker
**- Agnes  Vetsch  -**
       Married:  to George Klauser
                 Marlene Ann  04/08/1938
**- Lydia  Veucius  -**
       Born: l2-29-l9l9 to
       Died: l0-l2-l972
       Married:  to Anton
 Notes: HusbandAnton,2daug,6brothers.-*
**- Anna  Wagner  -**
       Born: 08-27-l886 to
       Died: 02-04-l958
 Notes: Reinwald,Russ.Husband,3son,5daug,26grankids,4great.Stroke.-*
**- Carl  Wagner  -**
       Born: 02-08-l888 to
       Died: 05-l2-l959
 Notes: Urbach,Russ.4kids,8step,47grankids.-*
**- Elizabeth  Wagner  -**
       Born: 12-22-ll884 to
       Died: 08-24-l936
       Married:  to Wagner
 Notes: Husband,Parents,6sons,2daughter,2brother,2sister, 8 grandkids.Russland.-*
**- Gotfried  Wagner  -**
       Born: 0l-0l-l886 to
       Died: 07-04-l957
 Notes: Widow,lson,ldaug,2grankids.-*
**- Ella  Wallers  -**
       Born: l0-23-l899 to
       Married:  to Fred Wallers
 Notes: Husband Fred,son Roger,4daug,lbroth,2sisters,l3grand,3greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Frederick J Walters  -**
       Born: 02-07-l896 to
       Died: l2-27-l975
 Notes: son,4daug,3brothers,l3grand,l2greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Linda Jean Walters  -**
       Born: 12-22-l960 to
       Died: 07-23-l96l
 Notes: Menengitis.Parents,brother,sister.-*
**- Karolina  Warucke  -**
       Born: 05-02-l861 to
       Died: 05-04-l930
       Married:  to Johann Warucke
 Notes: Deutschland. 3 Sohne, 2 Tochter-*
**- Emilie  Weber  -**
       Born: l2-20-l896 to
       Died: 03-06-l973
 Notes: 2stepsons5stepdaug,25gran,26great,2greatgreat grandchildren.-*
**- Emily  Weber  -**
       Born: 02-ll-l894 to
       Died: 04-22-l967
       Married:  to Henry Weber
 Notes: Husband Henry,2sons,3daug,2sisters,2brot,8gran,lgreatgrandson.-*
**- Frederick C Weber  -**
       Born: 08-07-l907 to
       Died: l2-l5-l963
 Notes: 3brothers,2sisters.-*
**- Marie  Weber  -**
       Born: 05-23-l899 to
       Died: 05-l8-l97l
       Married:  to Ernst
 Notes: Husband:Ernst,daug,son,5gran,2greatgrankids,Sister.-*
**- Norma E Weber  -**
       Born: 04-l3-l9l9 to
       Died: l0-l3-l979
       Married:  to Eugene Weber
 Notes: HusbandEugene,3sons,3daughters.-*
**- Carl  Weber,Sr.  -**
       Born: 02-l8-l890 to
       Died: 03-l7-l967
 Notes: Widow,2sons,3daug,lstepdaug,l4gran8great,8stepgrandchildren.-*
**- Jacob  Wede  -**
       Born: 06-30-l895 to
       Died: 04-l4-l929
 Notes: Russland. Gattin, e Stiefkinder, l Bruder, l Schwester.-*
**- Theodore  Wehrman  -**
       Born: 06-20-l90l to
       Died: ll-l3-l969
       Married:  to Lillian
 Notes: WifeLillian,son,4bro,4sisters.-*
**- Amelia  Wehrwein  -**
       Born: l0-0l-l882 to
       Died: 03-09-l966
 Notes: 5sons,4daug,23gran,30greatgrandchildren.-*
**- David  Wehrwein  -**
       Born: ll-28-l897 to
       Died: 03-l9-l944
 Notes: Russia. Widow, father, 5 brothers,4 sisters,parents-in-law.-*
**- Elizabeth Anna Weinert  -**
       Born: 03/15/1895 to Henry Ruppel, Anna nee Gorte
       Died: 04/04/1952
 Notes: brothers: Henry,David, Christ, John, Edward-*
**- Anna  Weir  -**
       Married:  to James Weir
       Sponsor to: Roger Elmer Klunk
**- Edna  Weiss  -**
       Married:  to Henry Rosenthal
       Children: Henry Ronald D.  05/22/1938
       Sponsored by:JoAnn Aleda Wiegand
**- Edna  Weiss  -**
       Born:  to Daniel Weiss & Lydia Litz
       Married: 08/20/1932 to Henry Rosenthal
       Marriage Witnessed by:Fred Kober
                             Leona Weiss
**- Clara  Welde  -**
       Born: ll-30-l882 to
       Died: 07-0l-l966
       Married:  to John Caspar Ruppel
 Notes: 3daug,ltwinSis,l3gran,24greatgrand,Husband.-*
**- Anna  Welsch  -**
       Born: 03-25-l882 to
       Died: 09-27-l954
 Notes: Schaefer,Russ.2sons,6daug,2stepbrot,l6gran7great-grankid.-*
**- Emily  Welsch  -**
       Married:  to George Horn
       Children: Kenneth George  11/11/1934
**- Gotlieb  Welsch  -**
       Born: 06-06-l862 to
       Died: 08-23-l928
 Notes: Gattin, 3 Tochter, l6 Enkel,lESCaukel,l BRuder, # Schr ster. Russland.-*
**- Henry  Welsch  -**
       Sponsor to: Helen Gerber
**- Pauline  Welsch  -**
       Married:  to Arno Schanglies
       Children: Janice Mae  05/03/1936
**- Sophia  Welsch  -**
       Born: 07-l7-l860 to
       Died: 08-28-l939
       Married:  to Welsch
 Notes: Russland. 2 daughters, l2 grankids, 4 greatgran, l brother, l sister.-*
**- Elsie  Widder  -**
       Born: l0-l7-l894 to
       Died: 03-03-l968
       Married:  to Paul Widder
 Notes: SonDonald,HusbandPaul,3broth,2gran,6greatgranchildren.-*
**- Paul E. Widder  -**
       Born: 03-22-l89l to
       Died: 05-02-l972
 Notes: Son,Sister,2gran,6greatgrandchildren.-*
**- Christ  Wiegand  -**
       Married:  to Pearl Stueber
       Children: Joe Ann Aleda  07/20/1935
**- Fred  Wiegand  -**
       Born: 08-3l-l9l7 to
       Died: 07-03-l978
 Notes: Widow,son,daughter.-*
**- Gottlieb  Wiegand  -**
       Born: 02-l8-l882 to
       Died: 02-03-l97l
 Notes: l sister.-*
**- Joe Ann Aleda Wiegand  -**
       Born: 07/20/1935 to Christ Wiegand & Pearl Stueber
       Sponsored by:Henry Rosenthal
                    Mrs. Edna Rosenthal
**- Marie  Wiegand  -**
       Born: 03-30-l887 to
       Died: 09-l3-l947
 Notes: Husband & Sister.-*
**- Mary Elizabeth Wiegand  -**
       Born: 11/13/1880 to
       Died: 04/16/1950
 Notes: 3 sons, l daughter, l brother-*
**- Robert  Wiegand  -**
       Born: 05-18-1927 to
       Died: 0l-29-1981
       Marriage Witnessed by:l dau & 2 sons
**- Hilda Martha Wiegandt  -**
       Born: 11/17/1917 to
       Died: 10/18/1918
**- Henrietta  Wiegin  -**
       Born: l0-l9-l887 to
       Died: 08-22-l958
 Notes: l son,lgrandau,lsister.-*
**- Carl  Wiklberg  -**
       Sponsor to: Elizabeth Anne Neuwirth
**- Julianna  Witt  -**
       Born: 06-l7-l860 to
       Died: 08-l4-l939
       Married:  to Witt
 Notes: Poland.l son,l daughter, 8 grandkids,l sister.-*
**- Marie  Wolf  -**
       Born: 07-30-l888 to
       Died: 02-02-l97l
       Married:  to Jacob Fredrick obit samedates
 Notes: 4son,3daug,22granl4greatgrankids.Mrs.JacobWolf obit has same b & d dates-*
        as Frederick.
**- Maria  Wolf Gerber  -**
       Married:  to Heinrich Gerber
       Children: Helen  11-21-1922
**- Darlene Esther Wollersheim  -**
       Born: 02-2l-l953 to
       Died: 06-ll-l964
 Notes: Drowned in Quarry.2broth,lsis,maternal&paternalgrandparents.-*
**- Klaus  Wulff  -**
       Married:  to Linda Kuhlman
       Children: Erika Lynn  01/01/1974
**- Adella  Yurk  -**
       Born: 0l-l0-l9l3 to
       Died: 02-2l-l974
       Married:  to Alex
 Notes: HusbandAlex,3dau,sister,3brothers,5grandchildren.-*
**- David  Yurk  -**
       Born: 02-l9-l894 to
       Died: 02-24-l96l
 Notes: Wife,4son,2daugh,l6grankids.-*
**- Dorothea  Yurk  -**
       Born: 09-l0-l885 to
       Died: 04-l6-l963
 Notes: Russia.Husband,2sons,5daug,3step-daug,lstep--*
**- Elizabeth  Yurk  -**
       Married:  to Philip Rosenthal
       Children: Henry
**- Friedrich  Yurk  -**
       Born: 06-ll-l908 to Ferdinand&Sophia Reisner Jurk
       Died: 20-l2-l937
 Notes: AutoAccdnt.Mother,StepFather,4brothers,3sisters,grandfather.-*
**- Gottlieb  Yurk  -**
       Died: 06/27/1900
**- Gottlieb  Yurk  -**
       Died: 06/27/1912
**- Johannes  Yurk  -**
       Died: 11/04/1911
**- Johannes  Yurk  -**
       Died: 11/30/1895
**- Maria  Yurk  -**
       Born: 07-28-l897 to
       Died: 06-30-l967
 Notes: 4sons,2daugh,5sisters,llgrandchildren.-*
**- Mary  Yurk  -**
       Born: 06-27-l883 to
       Died: 02-ll-l973
 Notes: 3sons,5daug,21gran,38great,2greatgreat grandchildren.-*
**- Sophie  Yurk  -**
       Born: 02-24-l864 to
       Died: 04-l6-l957
 Notes: lson,2daug,lbrother.-*
**- Edna  Zahn  -**
       Born: 06-08-l897 to
       Died: 02-24-l966
 Notes: Cancer.2sons,ldaug,2sis,lbrot,22grandchildren.-*
**- Nancy Ann Zahn  -**
       Born: 04-26-l935 to
       Died: 03-l3-l948
 Notes: Parents,l sister,2 brothers.-*
**- Oscar F Zahn  -**
       Born: 12/18/1895 to
       Died: 03/27/1950
 Notes: wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter, father, 3 brothers, 2 sisters-*
**- Alma  Zittel  -**
       Married:  to Adam Grafenstein
       Children: Joanne Arleen  10/31/1938
       Sponsor to: Kathleen Fay Zittel
**- Anna  Zittel  -**
       Born: 02/12/1886 to
       Died: 07/28/1948
 Notes: husband, 7 children, l4 grandkids, 2 bros 2 sisters-*
**- Arnold  Zittel  -**
       Sponsor to: Joanne Arleen Grafenstein
**- Ernest  Zittel  -**
       Married:  to Martha Schramm
       Children: Kathleen Fay  02/03/1935
**- Jacob  Zittel  -**
       Born: l0-l0-l884 to
       Died: 07-l2-l957
 Notes: 6sons,ldaug,lbroth,lsister,llgran 5greatgrankids.-*
**- Kathleen Fay Zittel  -**
       Born: 02/03/1935 to Ernest Zittel & Martha Schramm
       Sponsored by:Adam Grafenstein
                    Mrs. Alma Grafenstein
                    Henry Schramm
**- Christian  Zitzer  -**
       Born: 03/08/1919 to
       Died: 03/10/1919
**- David  Zitzer  -**
       Born: 03/08/1919 to
       Died: 03/25/1919
**- Gottfried  Zitzer  -**
       Born: 03/08/1919 to
       Died: 02/10/1919
**- Heinrich  Zitzer  -**
       Born: 09/20/1890 to
       Died: 11/26/1920
       Married:  to Catherine Elis Weber
 Notes: ? Month of birth. Kinder Heinrich, Maria. TB.Maria born 07-24-l920.-*
**- Sc??  Zitzer  -**
       Sponsor to: Betty Ruth Schneider
**- Sophia  Zitzer  -**
       Married:  to John Schneider
       Children: Betty Ruth  07/12/1939