Notes on Canadian Crossings Soundex

LDS film reels in the range 1472975- 1473200 contains Soundex cards
extracted from offical US-Canadian Border Crossing Records.

 (See at: /Categories/Library Films
   enter St Albans, Vermont for all BORDER entries.)

The following is an extract from those films of persons identifyable
as being Germans from Russia, and a few other nationalities.

SURNAMES: plus more surnames intermingled

The order is sorta by Soundex code, but actually only to the
extent of the leading alpha character.


======  Soundex = G610:  GRAF & GREEB film 1472975;

GRAF, George  b Dobrinka & Maria 30; m 7 yrs; last resided 545 Redwood
Ave, Wpg; nearest relative Aunt Katerina Graf of Dobrinka. Passage by
father. To Milwaukee, WI; Father Georg in North Milwaukee. Brown hair &
eyes. Landed 6-2-1914 Athenia. (This seems to be Helen Seder family.)
Serial 34-135-6; Winnipeg, Manitoba 5-13-1915.

Graff, George Jr 8 b Argentina, Brazil; George 34; last home Battleford,
Sask, CANada; Uncle Georg Graff-Saratof; May 18 El Paso, TX paid father.
Relative Portland, OR, cousin Geo BOHN 31.

Graf, Georg b Dobrinka 33m labor, 3-8-1915, serial 345-1295. Last 545
Redwood Ave, Wpg; sister Katherina in Dobrinka, paid by self; to Denver,
CO. FRED REINHARDT WEBER, 30 Sherman St; $100shown, never arrested,
5'3"; med complex, gr hair, green eyes; several scars rite cheek,
4/19/191 HANOVER.

Graff, Georg bSartatof 34 laborer; Anna 29; GR, last Battleford Sask,
CANA (Port of Eastport, Idaho 11-20-1908) brother JOSEPH FROFT, Saratof;
in USA May 8 El Paso, TX; paid self; to Portland, OR; Cousin LEO BOHN,
31 Morris St, $100 shown, 5' 4 l/2 fair, brown hair, blue E.

Graf, George Winnipeg 7-23-06 serial 336-7; no born, 20m farmer GR, last
Winnipeg to Sugar City, CO $400; Galveston, TX 4-1904 Hanover.

Graf, George, Dobrinka, 48, laborer; Winpg May l? 1915, ser 348-147-21;
last 638 Redwood Ave, Wpg; wife Anna in Dobrinka; paid self; to
Sheboygan, WI $80 5'6"; Ausonia Tuesday June 10, 1913 (his son marries
Julie Clauser and aunt of Arliss Hoskins H367;  Julies mom was a

Graf, Heinnach 2 and Heinnach 21, GR, no birth place, to Sugar City, CO;
Port of Quebec 10-23-1905.

Graf, Jacob 16 b Russ, 7 May 1912, Maria 24, Victor 3 mo. to Winpg
relative $50; Port Halifax SS _ltonia.

Graf, John 11, MARIA 30 b Dobrinka; last 545 Redwood, aunt Kath;. Graf,
to Milwaukee, pa George North Milwaukee.

Graff, John 40, DOROTHEA 37, Theobold 15, Rosina 10, Magdalena 4,
Carolina 3, Lydia infant, GR last lived KASSOW; to Dawson, ND, brother
in law.

Graf, Karl 16 GR, SS Barcelona 7-4-1913 b Russ.

Graff, Karl 7 b Dobrinka, KARL 28, Winpg 3-10-1915 ser 242-130-16; last
457 Aberdeen Ave, Wpg; Granpa Friedrich Nizns? in Dobrinka; to Denver,

Graf, Karl 22 b Saratov; 363 Aberdeen, Winpg; brother Louis in Happy
Land, Sask; to Alson, ND for SHINES, David.

Graff, Karl 28 b Dobrinka, labor; Maria Katherina 28, Alexander 3, Karl
7, GR;  Friedrich Nizny in Dobrinka; to Denver & FRED WEBER. maybe be

Graf, Katharina 41, Martin 42 husband; Halifax, no birth place, to
Curika ND, 11-19-02 SS America Hamburg.

Graff, Louis 22 b Kslle, (Kasel?) Russ; carpenter; ESSY 21 wife; Hebrew,
Russia sister MARY KINISTIEN; Detroit, MI.

Greeb, Heinrich 49 b Miller, Russ, labor; MARIA KATHERINA 43; Jacob 14,
Katerina 10, Alexander 8, Anna 6; GR; last Wnpg 494 ____?;  Father
Heinrich in Miller, Saratov; Aprl 4, 1913 Portland, OR, self, to
Scottsbluff, NE; friend GEORG GANG or TANG of Scottsbluff, NE, $250; 5'
4", brown H & E: class II Winpg, June 1, 1915, 351-15_-12.

Greb, Heinrich 48 farm, GR, b Saratov, last Sask Ernfold Conn, Norwich
$300; NY 1912 SS Graf Waldersee, Philadelphia May 15, 1911; port of
Portal, No Dakota.

Graff, Henry 36 b Bertisrock, Russ, importer, MARY 35; Race Russ,
Nationality SCOT; last lived London, England; Mrs. Hobbs
Claydon, Barton, Beds; destination London, Eng; mother Anna 3309 Richton
Ave; Quebec 9-15-1928 821-136-19.

Grife, Ida 30 b Odessa, Russ, waitress, race Hebrew, Russia; last
Vancouver , CAN; to Seattle , WA; Norma? Ja Pinkus? 221 Cherry St $75;
NY 1890 SS unknown.

Greeb, Jacob/Heinrich 49 GR b Miller, Russ; April 4, 1913 Portland, ME.
SS Barcelona; see Heinrich above.

======  Soundex = K426:  Klauser Kilthau film number 1473020

== K426 for Klauser, Kilthau, LDS film 1473020 at Los Angeles, CA
FHLibrary. These cards are larger and may be readable with a 42 power
lens rather than 62 power lens. Cards are lite and last cards lighter.
This was the last film read for the day and missed some of the port of
entry. Finding Kilthau right after Klauser was a nice surprize!

 Canada Crossing Soundex Card Index  LDS film number 1473020, or National
Archives M1461 Roll 220; at go to Library FILMS
enter  St Albans, Vermont for all CANADA  border ports.
Film is at Los Angeles FHL, Santa Monica and Overland permanently.
Film is very lite.

Klauser, Friedrich K. 39  (about 1881) born Napra, Germany; fair hair,
blue eyes,with Lina 37 (born about 1883 in Ninenden, Germany) Karl 17;
Port of Entry is Montreal, Canada; in transit 8-18-1920. Are German,
Germans. Last lived Winnipeg, Canada. In USA previously 4.1913 in
Portland. Going to Germany to friend Karl, Nebra in Saxony, Germany.
Have $200. Ship: Portland 4.1913  PISA.

**Klouser, Georg 2 with Georg 23; Port of Entry Que     Domin;
10.23.1905 serial number 821/3; German from Russia. Last lived in LIBAU.
Going to Sugar City, Colorado.

**Klauser, Georg 23 German f Russia; farmer; serial number 82/1; and
wife Marie 23. Last in Libau. Never in USA before. Going to Sugar City
for permanent residence.  Ship is Dominian; paid by Father. No other
info. This would be same family as above as separate card for each

**LIBAU? in the Geisinger book titled "From Catherine to Khrushechev"
are maps p82 and 84. On the east side of the Volga River (Lower Volga
/above the Caspian Sea) is Lauwe which was the home of Gerienger family
and also LAUB. Farther east is Neu-Laub

Kluser, Mrs. Bertha born Schn_nis, Switz with Albert 39; Port of Entry
Niagara Falls, NY,  10.1906; serial # 245-2; Last Niagara Falls, Canada.
Going to Niagara to a friend Nua E. M. Ginley, 627 Fourth St.     next
cards are Kilthau, Kiltow etc with father in law Philip Nuse in Russia;
a nice surprize and a short film for K426.

Kiltau, Anna Elis 6; 8.14.1913  serial no 256-164-25; Port of Entry???
b Winnipeg, MAN, CAnada; with Anna Katarina 24; GR; b.l. KILTAU and no
first name; lst lived 557 Aberdeen, Wpg, Man; last lived Friend HENRY
GRAFT 551 Aberdeen, Wpg, Man; to Scottsbluff, NE &
Father (J?)oro Kiltau; info also for Anna Eliz 19; Conrad 19; relative
F.I.L PHILIP NUSE, Norga, Saratof, Russia. Landed Halifax Feb 12, 1913
ship Unknown. (arliss feels may be Henry GRAF and t a german additional;
consult a german expert) f.i.l = father in law

Kiltau, Anna Katarina 24, 5'1", born Neu Norga; Anna Eliz 6, Michael 2,
GR; Father Heinrich RELP in Neu Norka, Saratov; 8-14-1913 Port of entry
Wpg, Man. In USA 3.1909 Philadelphia; has $75.

Kildaw, Conrad 18; port of entry Halifax; GR; 7-7-1913 #229-56-10 to
Wpg, Man (very lite card) ALONE;

Kiltau, Conrad 19, b Neu Norga, Russ; GR; laborer; Anna Eliz 19; Entry?;
557 Aberdeen; Father Philip NOSSE, Norga, Saratof; to Scottsbluff;
Halifax Feb 12, 1913 ship unknown. lite card

Klatt, Edward 36 b Radgsina, Russia GR; to Chorolland, Ohio, uncle Jacob
KREIGER 775 W 11 St ___?; relative in Volina, Russia.

Kuehlthau, Ella 48 US citizen and most USA citizen cards are blank; P.o.
Quebec SS Montealin 851-65-19
b West Bend, Wisconsin 3.5.1882 to West Bend, Wis, transit; SS Montcalm.

Klethie, Ertmen 43, Race Russian, German, Volhin 8.18.1903.

Kildau, John 25 b Neu Norga; GR 7.31.1913; 256-152-26; Port of Entry
Wpg, Man; last lived 557 Aberdeen, Wpg, Man; relative in old country
Anna (I?)oife in New Norge, Saratof, Russ; previously in USA 1906-08
Sugar City, Colorado; to Scottsbluff and uncle Johannes GEFEL (arliss
thinks it may be HEFEL as with Harold and Else Kilthau family;
Philadelphia 3.26.1910 ship unknown.

====== Soundex = K632:    Kretz

K632 KRETZ film 1,473,027 Canada
Kretz, Andreas 21,  b Dobrinka, laborer, 243-109-2 Class C Taxable
4-2-1913; last 624 College Ave, Wpg, Manitoba; relative father Andreas
in Dobrinky, Saratov; in USA 2-9-1912 Portland, ME, paid self, $12; to
Glasston, N.D. Uncle Samuel PYLE,  5' 10" med/lite brn/blue; (pock
pittia marks); Portland 2-9-1913; ship "S Swittekind".

Kurtz, Andreas 12, b TEPLITZ, Russ; see 548 of ELIZ 37; to b.i.l.
JOHANNES FUERST in Tripp, So Dakota; 6-24-1907.

Kretz, Andrew 22, b Dobrinky, laborer, GR; accompanied by Georg GRAFF 19
(m Julie Clauser and Andrew is Henry in Sheboygan, WI; also known as
Andreas; last 638 Redwood Ave, Wpg, Canada; relative father Andreas in
Dobrinky, Saratov; yes 4-1913 to 12-1913 Hamilton, No. Dakota, self,
$37; 5' 10" for Andrew; med br Gr, pock marks, Portland, ME 3-8-1913
witte kind.

Kurtz, Anna 14, b Strasburg, Russ, domestic; relative Mrs. Margaret
Kurtz in Strassburg, Russ; to Anamoose, N.D; b.i.l. JACOB HOGER, $19,
4'9", dark br grn. Class 3, SS Cassandra, Quebec 7-17-1910.

====== Soundex = N200: Ness, Nuzz, etc.
            film 1473084 or NatArchRec M1461-Roll284

CANADA: Soundex   Race lst, Nationality 2nd; LDS film 1473084 or
National Arhives film M1461-Roll284, St Alban, VT all Canada border

NUSS, Catherine 40, b Rosenburg, Russia; 5'0" good, blonde, brown eyes;
Joh. Georg 42; Eva 9, David 6; may be more as only thru G's and each
member has a card. Last lived Saritzeni, Russia. Going to brother-in-law
Jacob NUSS in Chicago, Illinois; brother Heinrich SCHNEIDER 514 Noble

NESS, Christ 27, b Meta, Norway, Carpenter, Scandinavian, Norway; last
at father Peter NUSS of Meta, Norway to Seattle, Washington, brother
Alex NESS at 114 Marion, Seattle; 5'6 1/2; 8-20 1913
NESS, Christ 28, Dec 22, 1914.

NUSS, Christopher 33 yr, 11 months; Nationality is USA; Sept 1903, Ev
India at Vancouver; Lura BOYER 33, Friend; John Boyer 11, George SHERER
5, Anna Isabel 3y9mo; Frederik 2y3mo; Theodore 6mo; MISSIONARY last in
Sendai, Japan. Previously in USA; to Portland, Oregon.

NASS, Emelia 8 (plus 4 more family members) 6-2-1907; last Seresofka,
Russia; to Adolf NASS of Whitmore, Iowa, permanent. Mt Temple from
Antwerp for ship.

Ness, Emil 22 3-6-1912 Race is Finn; Nationality is Russian; last
Rosaland. Mom Suan Ness in Nykaby, Finland to Seattle, WA to brother
Gust NESS.

Ness, Ettel 10; Abbe 37; HEBREW, Russian, last VOLHYNIA; to Boston, MA:
Sept? 20, 1902 or 1903; LChamplain, Liverpool for ship.

NUSS, Frederick 20 GR; to Winnepeg, Manitoba, $20, last in Russia; SS
Pisa. Crosses border 6-21-1913 no further info on card.
Nuss, Frederick 16 same as above; Port of Quebec P2.

****NUSZ, Frederick born BAUOFKA, RUSSIA; crosses Jan 6, 1914, 16 yrs
old, GR, last lived Ft Trance, Ontario, Canada; mom KATHERINE in
BAUOFKA; to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to BROTHER Alexander, 177 Congress St,
Oshkosh; lands Quebec 6-21-1913 on PESA.
****NUSZ, Frederick b MILLER, Russ; age 15, laorer, GR; last FITZ, Hugh;
Alberta, Canada; mom KATHARINA NUSZ in Banofla; never in USA before;
ship? II Ebarre. (These belong to Derek Nuss has
NDakota Black Sea and Volga Nuss being the two Freds).

NUSS, George b Winnipeg, Manitoba; age ONE, Katherine 35; crosses
9-23-1915; to Bayard, NEbraska father Johann Georg.
NUSS, George, Katherina; July 3, 1915; last lived 630 Aberdeen Ave,

NESS, George 34, Katherina 30; June 3, 1913 GR to Wpg, Manitoba
relative. Katherine 9, Amalia 7, Maria, Karl; Port Quebec  SS Saturnia.

NASS, Gottlieb 6-02-1907 crosses; Mt Temple; GR to Whitmore, Iowa.

NUSS, Gret age 4 with Johann Georg 42; crosses 11-13-1910.

NASS, Gustave b Petawag, Ontario, Canada, age 25, German Canadian; last
live Pembroke, Ontario; last with Brother Albert on Cemetery St,
Pembroke; previously in the USA 1919 to Mar 16, 1920 Flint; going to
Rommo, 832 Baker St, Flint, Michigan, Detroit May 25, 1920.

======  Soundex = Q530:  Quint     film 1473114.

CANADIAN: Crossing Cards, Soundex Code Q530 for QUINDT, also Quick, LDS
film 1473114. (62 power lens required to read tiny cards; 42 power too
difficult) read 5-5-2000 lalds

Quint, Wilhelmina 14, Emily 40, German Canadian; Winnipeg, Manitoba
7-10-1923. Last at Wpg Uncle Fred ERHART of 644 college St, Wpg; paid by
mom; to Chicago, Illinois, Father Geo Quint, 535 N. Clark St, Chicago,
Illinois; Victor 17.

Quint, Sarah 23, born Vitopah, Russia; Alex 26 Hebrew Russian Yiddish;
last Montreal, Canada to Angeles, CA; mom Moreist, Adaline, Halifax

Quint, Meyer b Manchester, England 29; in US 1904, 1914-June 1,1914 to
Chicago, Illinois friend Harry, 2214 Washington Ave, Chicago.

Quint, Maria 15, German last at Inteinelse, never in USA, to Milwaukee,
WI to Mike SCHWARM, St. Francis Mill, Bay View Station, C & N.W. Aug 18,

Quindt, Lydia l month, David 21, 3-13-20 German Canadian; to SANGER;
Carl, Father's Uncle Alex Quindt, Sanger, Colorado (Back of Card: Lydia
rejected 3-2-1923, Assisted; medical good; Date Appealed 3-13-1923.

Quindt, Lilly 1 yr, b Winnipeg, Canada; 3-3-1928; to Havelock, NE, Aunt
Katie BAUER, Box 927, Havelock; German, Debarred and no dates on back of
card. *****

Quint, Julius 19 Hebrew Russian
Quint, Gezel 45 Jew Russian

Quint, George 42 5-23-23  Mfst 12-23-1923 Saratov, Russia GR;
destination too squiggly; German Canadian, Last Wpg, Canada; to Chicago,
ILLinois, friend Adam Schram, 2844 E. Otto St, Chicago $90.

Quint, Georg age 7,7-10-23 Uncle Fred Erhart to Georg Quint, Chicago.

Quint, Emma 20, Steno, German, Canadian, father George, 753 E. 40 St,

Quint, Emily 40 & Wilhelmina 14, Georg 7, Saratov to husband Georg in

Quint, David 29 Saratov, German Canadian to Los Angeles.
Quint, David 21,2 mo; relative Mrs. Mary in Dodpinka, Russia. To Sanger,
California, Uncle Alex Quindt 3-23-1923.

Dave Quint 23, 3-3-1924; Dodjnucha, Saratov, GR, Father Fred in
Dodjnuda, Saratov, Russia; going to Havelock, Nebraska.

Conrad-Cornelius  Quindt 28 b Detroit, MIchigan; 10-31-1914 4 is
questionable; born 1916 in USA, Dutch Canadian, Father C. C. Quindt, 306

Anton Quindt 25; 6-30-19-3 (- number is scratched out) Louis L. J.
Neidermayer, St Paul, Minnesota; has $31.

Anton Quindt 20; 5-30-1908; Russ Utrokowha, GR; last Battleford,
Saskatschewan; to Topeka, Kansas, no address, has $3. Halifax 3-20-1908
on Victoria Ship.

Amalie Quindt 23, Saratov; sister Katie BAUER in Saratov.

====== Soundex = S53x        LDS film number 1473155

S532 Schantz, Elva born Wuchang, China 15; with Howard 14. Race German,
Nationality Canadian. Last lived Nimico Canada. Relative Wm Shantz
Father in Mimico, Ontario. In USA transit to Dec 1914 in San Frncisco.
Paid by mom. Going to Nyack, NY Wilson Memorial Academy and has $2. San
Francisco Dec 1914 on SS China.

S533 SANDLER from Odessa.

S534 Schindler, LDS 1473155, National Archives M1461  S535
Schendel, Adolf 18 bRussia; WILHELM 46, GR; blank; going to Winnipeg,
Canada & Friend. Port of Halifax N.S. 7.2.1913 SS Hanover; also August

Schindler, Alma 21&7month; Johann, German, German; born Munich, Germany;
to  sis Sophie in Salt Lake City.
Schindler, Anton 31 born Perham, Minn USA; farmer, German Canadian;
relative Brother Joseph Schindler and blank. In USA 1879 to Cottonwood,
Idaho; no address, says 426. 5'9" medium complexion, brown brown; last
permanent Winthhorst, SASKachewan. Port of Entry Eatford, Idaho
12.16.1910; serial 130-184-2?0.

Schindler, DAVID 34 German Russ. Port of Entry Halifax SS Potsdam;
serial 227-135-6, farm, Last Lived Russia; no relative; to Winnipeg,
Manitoba friend $10.

Schendel, Emma  19 born Russia. With WILHELM SCHENDEL. Port of entry
Hanover, Halifax 7.2.1913.
GR,last Russia, blanks; paid by relative. To Winnipeg, Manitoba FRIEND.

Schindler, Frederick 34 born Rerne  blank, JOHANNA 40, ROSA 2&6mo;
Gertrude l l/2. Issued SWITZERLAND 1 April 1912. Eastport, IDAHO. German
Canadian. Relative Estromandringen, Switzerland, has $1200. In USA
1889-1906  J. V?arianie? Feb 1906 to sister ROSETTA BRANDT IN Santa
Rosa. Arrived New York 1889 ship unknown.

Schindler, GERTRUDE b Saskachewan

Schindler, Gustav 24&1month born Turtzen, Russia; father KARL 74. mom
JULIANA 66yr 7mo.  Port of entry Winnipeg, Manitoba, Class E 3.22.1924.
German Canadian. Last Lived Hubbard, Saskachewan, Canada. Relative in
Yorktown, SSK; cousin BEN SCHINDLER, never USA; $200; 5'9" dark
complexion, dark brown,, green eyes. Quebec 1902? he writes.

Schendel, GUSTOV 37 born Wysockie, russia

Schindler, Gustine

Schendler, Henry 18  born Tovorenga, Russia; alone, labor, GR. Lived
Winnipeg, Canada. Relative Father Henry in Tovoreng, SARATA.  BACK TO
RUSSIA.    Never in USA before. Going to Russia via NY father Henry
Tovorenga, Saratov; 5'7". Port of Entry Montreal, Cnada 10.30.1913,
171-83-11; Class C transit. Halifax 4.1912 SS unknown. Distinquishing
Mark 150 pounds; medium complexion, brown hair, blue eyes.

There are MANY  SCHINDLERS  born in  CANADA in late 1800's that could be
GR's in this film.

Schendler, JOHANNA 54 born Bergstern, Bohemia. Port of entry Winnipeg,
Manitoba 9.18.1919 Class E; Manifest Aprl 1920; serial 524-104-27;
German Canadian. Lived Watson, SASK, CANADA. Relative husband CARL in
Watson, SASK; in USA 1908-12 in NEBRASKA. Paid by husband to Loveland,
Colorado d.i.l Pauline SCHANDLER $50 never arrested, permanent
residence; 5'3" med brown blue eyes, NYC 3.1908 SS Pretoria.

Schindel, JOHN 50 born Czaplovich, Russia; PAULINE 53; GR. Port of entry
Winnipeg Manitoba Aug 10, 1912; serial 198-151-30 class E.  Relative son
EDWARD SCHINDEL, Aberdeen, SASK. In USA 1896 to Apl 1903 North Dakota.
Paid self. To Alberta, ATA b.i. Chas DOEN $1300, permanent, 5'5 med bro
blue. NY May 1896 Stuttgart. Also John 50 5'5" 3.21.1912  172-134-22.

====== Soundex = S656: Schreiner       film 1473162

      Checking Colorado Citizenship by Village and not the alphabetical
index find for  Kraft, Saratov- Jacob Schrinar, lives Eaton; b 3 dDec
1883 Saratov; entered 8 Nov 1905 NY.

S656 Schreiner  Canadian Soundex Cards  film 1473162
Schreiner, Alex 8, b Winpg, Canada, German, accomp JOHN 38, last 708
Boyd Ave, Wpg, Cana; to Ft Morgan, CO. Jake SCHLOTTHAUER. Class E Wnpg
Cana. 4-8-1919 serial 481-154-9; *Debarred.

Schreiner, Alexander 2, b Star City, Sask & Canadian, CAN: ALEXANDER 25;
relative Uncle David S; to Windsor, CO. Uncle Jacob LORENZ. *Debarred

Schreiner, Alexander 6, b Kautz, Russ; JOHANN 41; to Lincoln, NE. Uncle
Philip Schreiner 1026 L St. 3CL SS Corsica. Schreiner, E. KATHERINE, 42
b Kautz; 5' 4" blk blue; GEORG-JOHANN 42, GR.

 *Schreiner, Alex 8, b Kraft,  GEORG 44; 3rd Class, Port Quebec, SS
Uftonia-Southhampton, England; 8 May 1913: serial 231-88-24; relative
Uncle Juoric SCHRIKOH, DREISPITZ; to Afsen, No Dakota Mrs.
Reinhart BEISEL. David 15, b Kraft; Georg 41 (from David's card).

*Schreiner, Alexander 25, b Kraft, EVA 26, Lydia 9 mo, Alexander 2 yr;
farm; last Star City Sask, Canada; USA 5-15-1911 Philadelphia-Haverford,
paid by brother; to Windsor, CO, brother Jacob LORENZ; $63; 5' 7" med
dark brown, brown, scar between eyes. Wpg, Manitoba 4-27-1915,
348-145-23. *Debarred

Schreiner, Amalia 22, b Kraft, FRED 24, hvs bond; to Cobrund (not found
on AAA map), Ft Morgan, CO. Charles WEIMER, Ft Morgan, CO;  5' 2" fair
br blue; Halifax Apl 1905 (unknown ship).

Schreiner, Amalie 4, b Baidik, Beidek?, Russ; AMALIE 25 (no accompany)
to Wausau, Wisconsin Heinrich SCHRINER 201 2nd St; 3rd class, Quebec,

Schreiner, Annie 34, b Kraft; JOHN 38; last 708 Boyd Ave, Wpg, CA; no
Canada address; to Ft Morgan, CO. brother Jake SCHLOTTHAUER; Montreal
1912, SS ?. *Debarred

Schreiner, Charles 3 b Kraft ( Wpg Feb 10, 1908 serial 23-117-6 ; FRED
24 father; AMALIA 22 mother;
last Wpg, Manitoba, no relatives; to Ft Morgan, CO. (fr) Charles Weimar,
Ft Morgan, CO; Halifax April 1905; ship unknown.

Schreiner, David 4, b Saratof, DAVID 26, KATARINA 26, Maria 2; granpa
Heinrich Schreiner in Saratov; US Gars??, NY Feb 1912; paid father; to
Junction City, KS. Uncle Geo NEIMAN; Feb 1912 SS Augustina Vict; Port of
Portal, No Dakota Aug 12, 1915.

Schreiner, Eliz 5, b Kautz, Russ, HEINRICH 34; relative Uncle Philip
SCHREINER in Lesnojig, Krasnisz, Russ; to Myers, Montana Uncle Jacob
Schreiner; Halifax April 1911.

Schermer, Emelia 13, 10-12-1915; WILHELM 45; German; to Uncle Edwart,
388 Miller St, Benton Harbor, MI.

Schreiner, Eva 21 b Oberdoff, Russ, GR; ALEX 25; no relative listed; to
Windsor, CO; Jacob LORENZ, see previous.

Schreiner, Eva 50 nee MAYER, b Vorcham, Austria; Class CC, Port
Montreal, Canada Mar? 19, 1912; relative s.i.l. Nicoles KRELLER,
Knosgander, Austria-Hungary; yes 5.04 to 7-11 Philadelphia $53; NY 5-04

Schreiner, Eva E. 39, GR, last Saratov, no birth place; to brother
Heinrich REIL, Lincoln, NE; NY Feb 5 PRETORIA.

Schreiner, Filomenia 30 b Russia, Raskate, GR, FRANZ 36; relative b.i.l.
Johannes __do__; to Ellis, Kansas, Uncle Michael SCHREINER, Herzog,
Kansas; Quebec 5-16-1908; Wpg 5-29-08 serial 33-106-3; also ROSALIA 4,
ALEXANDER 7 mo, REIMUND 18 yr; $100.

Schreiner, Fred 24 (serial 23-117-4) b Kraft: GR; AMALIA 22, CHARLES 3;
no relative listed; to Ft Morgan, CO; Charles Weimer; Halifax April
1905; ship unknown.

Schreiner, George 3; MARIE 24; GR; no relative; to Walla Walla,
Washington; father Georg Schreiner; Quebec June 12 Lake Erie; Wpg,
Canada 6-15-1903.

Schreiner, George 41, b Kraft, SS Uftonia; JULIANNA 44, David 15, Peter
11, Alex 8; to Mrs. Reinhart Beisel sister, North Dakota; $60.see

Schreiner, Georg 37 to Heinrich REIL; see previous.

S656 Schreiner + film no. 1473162 Canadian Soundex Cards

Shirmer, Albert 15, b Berstorvich, Russ, labor, accompanied by WILHELM
45; last Morden, Manitoba, CANA; relative Uncle Henry SCHULTZ in Brown,
Manitoba, Canada; to Benton Harbor, MI. Uncle Edward 388 Miller St.
Winpg, Manitoba 10-12-1915; serial 363-151-16; German, nationality

SCHUCHART, Alec 19 b Sorodolski, Russ, German, Prussion, Sask, CANADA;
Father Jacob in Prussia, Sash, Canada; 1906 Kansas; to Naperville, ILL,
Northwestern College, Naperville; 5'9" brown h-e. Seaport, Halifax 1901.
Portal, No Dakota, Class E, Sept 7, 1916; serial 403-56-15.

Schwigert, Anna 61 b Iserch, Russ, Ger, last Rosthman, Sask, CAN; son
Johannes in Rostham, Sask; paid by friend J. Geyer; Quebec Nov 1908; to
Bowden N (D?) brother Chitup KISTZ 5'4 Br Green.

Schweigert, Dorothea  37 b Schmeda, Russia, GR, grandpa Kaspor
Arnpvuclse Serierene GRUB? Russia; Aug 19, 1909; to Chicago Father
Friedrich Schweigert 4475 Lawrence; ser 71-144-17, St. Laurentin,

Schweigert, Dorothea 37, same as above, Sofia 11, Katharina 10, Julianna
9, Dorothea (see back of card) Fredrich 3 b Schmeck, Russ, Heinrich 4 b
Schwehe, Russ.

Schweigert, Jacob 22 b Borodina, Russ; GR last Borodino, Granpa Jacob
Hiepatory, Russia; to Ashley, ND Uncle Christian; 5' 9", Quebec 21 May
1911 Gothland. Winpg, MA 2 Jun 1911, serial 147-525-10.
Schweigert, Karl 48 b Boudessa, Russ farmer GR, KATHARINA 47, Jacob 22,
Magdalena 15, Margaret 11, Paulina 6; Father Jacob Heipatory, Russ;
Ashley, ND Uncle Christon.   ****Lots of Schweigert

======  Soundex = S560

S560 Sinner LDS film 1473158, National Archives M1461 Roll 358; film at
Los Angeles FHLibrary.

.Sommer, Adam 4 born Posthal, Russia; GR with Solomon 39; June 2, 1911;
last lived Omisouka, Russia; relative in old country Aunt Mina
Mednikoff, Odessa; to Milwaukee, WIsconsin and mom Wilhelmina SOMMER at
197 Walnut Ave; fair,brown eyes. Permanent. Alex 12 also.

.Schwimmer, Anna 4; with David 35; German from Russia.

. Sinner, Anna 5ft; 66 born Sornofka; with Heinrich 68; Aug 24, 1907;
serial no 4-135-3; Port of entry Kensington, Quebec; last lived
Kostavtinopha, Russia; Nearest relative is son Heinrich SINNER,
Konstaitonopha, Russia, Krasny, Knuck. Never in USA before. To Sterling,
COlorado son Jacob Sinner, Logan, Colorado; paid head tax; Sallow, gray,
gray eye, no visible marks; issued Russia. Third Class.GR.

Senner, Anna A 41, born Yanktown, So Dakota, USA; husband Peter W. 43;
Martha 4 yrs; Mar 2, 1917; serial 427-10-28; German,  Canadian Citizen;
Last lived Forestberg, Alta, Canada  Brother Peter Albright, Forestberg,
Alta. Going to Bloomfield, Montanta b.i.l. or brother in law Jacob
SENNER, Bloomfield, Mont. Never arrested; 5' 6" fair br brown, no marks.

Senner, Annie 5'5, 21, born Fessender, North Dakota, GR; with Henry 31;
528-1913; serial 243-87-17;
Nearest relative Uncle Ferdinand RUFF in Staono (a was written over). In
USA 1892 3-06 North Dakota. Going to Tacoma, Washington and no address

Schnierr, Anton 25 born Russia, Teresa 20, Josef 35, Stalastika 57; GR.
Farm labor; last permanent Russia; next blank. Going to Regina, Sask. to
Friend (blank). Third Class SS Driesnak.

Schner, Anton 28 German, German; Fritz 68; Port of Niagara Falls, N.Y.
9.25.1920 serial no 553--93-1.

SINNER, Anton 69 born Lucerne, Switzerland, G, Switzerland. Last
Guelfch, Canada; Barbara 67. In USA 1881 to June 1881. In Transit. Paid
by self. Going to Flarnangton, N.J. to Friend Wangel Ringer in
Flannington N.O. Has $5000.  NY 6-1881  Tsst 2.  F.E.Y.

SCHNUR, ARni 29, German, Canadian Citizen and more of these.

SINNER, August 20 born Sausmor?m, occupation is Flab; wife Anna 18. In
old county is Ms Katerine Sinner in Stupnaja, Russia. Port of Quebec SS
Ausonia 7.14.1913. Never in USA before. Going to Lincoln, NE to cousin
Johannes Engelmann 514 So. Shoman----, NE.

SCHWEMMER, August 30; GR; June 1, 1913 to Wpg, MAN relative. No other

SCHWEMMER, AUGUST 32, born Walvokooha, Russia, GR; Oct 27, 1914. Last
lived in Lang, Canada. Relative Wife Adaline Schwemmer in Dembrowski,
Russia. To Lake Geneva, Wisconsin b.i.l. brother in law Edward STANDEL,
Lake Geneva.

SOMMER, Augustine 38, Kasper 30 GR born Semnowka, Russia.

SINNER, Barbara 67, Anton 69 German born Argau, Switzerland. Port of
Entry Niagara Falls, NY 9.22.1920.

SWEEMIER, Braine, Jew Russia 19.

SHNIER, DAVID 19 Odess, Russia; 7.10.1907 to Chicago, Illinois; SS
Sardinian, Halifax 12.24.1906

SINNER, Fritz of Lieserne, Switzerland; Anton 6 to Flannington, N.J.

SENNER, George 22, born Saratof, Russia; laborer; GR; all alone; 5'9".
Port of Entry Eastport, IDAHO 10.26.1912. Last lived Strathcona,
Alberta, Canada. Relative Father John SENNER in Stossy Plains, Alta.
Going to Oregon City, SSE, Canada Henry SINNER. Has $50. Never in USA
before. QUEBEC 8.22.1911 unknown ship.

STOPPED reading at Magdalena

====== Soundex = W410: Wolf      film 1473187

W410 Soundex Code film  1,473,187 -Canada Crossing Cards / enter click @ Library FILMS enter St Albans, Vermont (for
all of Canada)

**Alexander WOLF 3, born Kutar,  Russia,  Wpg, Canada 3.5.1915;  last
679 Aberdeen, Winnipeg, CANADA, GR; with Fredricka. Relative Uncle
Konrad in Dobrinka, Saratov.  Going to Windsor, Colorado to Frd?
Reinhardt WEBER, Denver, CO 503 Sherma Ave. Never in USA before. Quebec
11/12/12 Casandra. Health good. Entered at Noyes, MN 3-9-1915.   Quebec
11/12/1912  CASANDRA.
    Alex WOLF b Russ, Maria 32, gr to Winnipeg, Manitoba relative,
Quebec 1912 SS Casandra Nov 12, 1912
     Alex WOLF born Saratov, Russ 14 farm labor; english, GR. Port of
entry Buffalo, NY 11.4.1923; serial 710-81-16; with William 44. Never in
USA before. To Waterloo, NY Richard LIPPERT. 5'7" med complexion, Brown
Blue; 40#s; Philadelphia 6.21.1911. Remarks: looks like worried on back
and one other line.

**Alexander 7 born Dobrinka, Russia with Joh. George 35. Port of entry
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Apl 25, 1916, GR. Last Winnipeg, Manitoba 679
Aberdeen, Canada. Uncle Konrad in Dobrinka. To Denver, Reinhart Weber.
Permanent. Quebec Nov 1912 SS? Entered Noyes Minnesota Apr 26, 1916.
Very lite.

Amalia Wolf 9, born Dobrinka with is blank, last 274 Aberdeen, Wpg, No
USA, To Denver CO FRIEND REINHARD WEBER; Quebec Nov 1912 ss?.

Anna Wolfe 14, Maria 23, Nov 12, 19?  To Wpg, Man. relative.

*****  Annie WOLFE b St Clemens, Canada; husband Roy 23, German
Canadian. Port of Entry Huron, Michigan 3.13.1917. Daughter Dolor 10
month, brother Ignatius KOEBEL 14. Father Henley KOEBEL, St Clements,
Ontario, Canada to Madison WISC. Sister Georgina CLAUSEN, 90 Sherman,
Madison, WI; never in USA before. BAck of card says health good
*** Johann Georg WOLF 25 born Dobrinka, Mria Katerina 35. Port of entry
Halifax 1913. Amalia 7, Alexander 7, Samuel 5 over John Georg 3, Marie
1. GR Brother Konrad in Dobrinka. To Reinhardt WEBER. Quebec Nov 1912

1910 Colorado GR extracted by Denver Metro Chapter has the following.
              p192 Larimer Co, Colorado ed 238 7B East Loveland
Weber, George 49, 1892 na Manager Farm; Anllys 49; Lizzie 17 bRuss;
Henry 14 b NEbraska; George 3 b Colorado. WEBER, Peter 24 Manager Farm;
Mrgaret 25; Lenard 2 born Colorado.

1910 Colorado p356 Weld Co; ed 266 5B S Windsor.  WEBER, John 35, Lena
28,  1901; Eliz. 10 b CO, Christena 8 CO, Lews 6 CO, Joefh 2 CO, Molley
12/12 CO.
     WEBER, Peter 27 1902; Mary 23 1904; Poleme? 18/12 b CO.

====== Soundex = Z560: Zehner, Zinnere
   film 1473200; NatArcRec Archives M1461 roll 400

Z560 looking for Zinner all spellings; LDS film 1473200; National
Archives M1461 roll 400, read 6-7-2000; film permanently at Los Angeles,
CA Family History Libray on Santa Monica Blvd .

Zimmer, Adolf 5 born Angericha, Russia, German f Russia; with Marion
Karolina 28; Port of Winnepeg, Manitoba; CLASS B; 9.21.1912; relative
-actually says grandpa Wilhelmina Kerolink of  DUBRVA, Russia. Going to
Neche, North Dakota for permanent residence. Quebec Sept 16, 1912 on
Cassandra ship. Health good.

Zehner, Alex 36 born Russia; German f Russia;  alone. Port of Quebec May
18, 1913 SS Letitia; 233-40-6. Farm Laborer going to Winnipeg, Man to a
realtive. All others blank, no further info.

Zimmer, Andy 3, born Hamilton, Ont, Canada; German f Russ; with mom
Julia 26 and one month old; father Carl b Carnowetz, Austria & speaks
English & German; Anna 6 born Melville is German & Canadian Citizen;
August 1yr 9mo; Georg 3; Mary 9yr 3mo. Last lived Melville, Sask.
Canada. Relative uncle Adam in Melville, Sask.  Going to Somerset IO
which should be Iowa and not Louisiana The Security Trust Company in
Somerset, Iowa. Never in USA before.

Zimmer, Anna  43, Dutch Canadian to S. F. Calif; b.i.l August Zimmer.
Theodore 40. Port of Victoria BC 9.17.1916; class E. Permanent. Dark
Complexion. Montreal Oct 1906 on the Montral?

More German, Canadians and one born Austria.

Zimmer, Beatrice 18 b Chatham, Canada; German Canadian Citizen to

Zimmer, Emil 55, born R(o?)une, Russia; German f Russia. Port is Portal,
North Dakota 7.7.1923; alone. Last lived Regina, SK, Canada. No relative
in old country. Going to Milwaukee, Wisc. friend Kastway near Milwaukee;
$50, Never in USA before 5'2". Quebec 1912.

Zauner, sic=spelled with a U&P, Erich born Bocjiche; German f Russia;
April 26, 1913 on SS Kurah. In old country father Joseph Zanper "Gov
Volga". Goint to Detroit, Mrs. Otto Zauper 724 Pfatt St, permanent.

Zimmer, Ivan 4, born Russia and German; Heinrich 28. Port Quebec, SS
ASCANIA 6-23-1913; 240-18-28.
Also for Jacob 7, Katharina 27 wife, Konrad 2, Maria 11. Going to
Calgary, Alta. Blank for others.

Zinner, Maria Julianna 38 alone; German f Russia. July 24, 1912; serial
number 75-12; 3 class; L. Champlain-Liverpool. Last lived Sarat
Germany.!!!!!! Going to Mountain Lake, Minn friend   S.
(lite)(H?)erzberg? 16 Johnson St; $10.

Ziemer, Michael 45, born is blank. Port Wpg 8.22.1906; German f Russia;
farm labor; alone. Never in USA before. Relative in St. Thomas N. ?l.
Quebec 6.13.1905 Saimatra.

Zomerfield, Gustav 30, is a Sadler; German f Russia. Port of Wpg
8.22.1905 serial o. 299-16. Last lived Vohlia and going to Diesduea, NY
friend Adel. Quebec 5.1904 unknown ship.

Zimrod, Konsam 45, born Russia; German f Russia; David 31. Port Halifax
May 7, 1913 SS Ultonia. Last in Russia. blank  Going to Rostern, Sask,
Canada relative.

======  Soundex = ????

SCHINDLER: (to West Hartlepool via Liverpool to New York)
Israel 24     Jezerzany           German Empire 21.02.90
SCHENDLER: 3 from Linkowo, Russland

======  Soundex = S263

S263 Siegward/t are none. 1473137 film

SAGERT, Adam 30 b Stansslaid, Kovel, Russia, GR, serial 231-96-11; last
Stansslaw, Kovel, Russ; SS Pisa Port of Quebec 5-8-1913; relative
Karolena SAGERT, Stanislau, Vollhyn, Russ; to Detroit brother Friedi
SAGERT, 125 Copeland St, 5' 7 brown, green.

======  Soundex = W560
W560 WEIMER Canada Crossing Soundex Index on LDS film 1,473,194.
 These are all Germans from Russia unless otherwise indicated.
 "Fr" believed to mean friend; "ftr" is father and leaving all
 abbreviations as they appear on the film.
 Physical description is complexion, hair color, and eye color.
 Films at LDS  enter St Albans,
 Vermont in Library for ALL Canadian Border Ports.
  Film read and transcribed by  March 2001 Arliss (Klauser) Hoskins.
  **Asterisks have researchers see 2A, 10, 34Gross   revised 28 Aug 01

1. ?Klaise?9.3.1920 Alex Weimer 5, born Winnipeg, Manitoba; with JACOB 34.
Last lived Wpg and relative uncle Fred (?Kliase") Salter St, Wpg. Going to Bluff, NE, sister in Bluff, NE.

2.  1.10 or 16.1908 Alexander Weimer 33, born Schilling; Constant 20, Katy 32, last Wpg. No relative. In USA in transit in 1906 (NY?). To Durham, KS; brother Gottlieb Weimer. Has $60.

2A***.  ERNST DOUBER 6.28.1910 Amalia Weimer l, born Maple Creek, Canada; with JOHN 24. Port is Portal, ND. Last lived Maple Creek. Fr John DOUBER, Saskat, Maple Creek. going with father to uncle Frederick ERNST, Lamar,
Colorado. IS THIS DAUBERT? of Yp related to SCHAUERMAN of YP  and KAHL of Dobrinka?????? Germany request to NoDAK List Server 4 Aug 2001 from Anastasia Ladigan, Usedom 4, 49661 Cloppenburg, Germany looking for Daubert and Dippel.  contact   Steve Schreiber 

3.  LAOSE 8.19.1907 Amalia Weimar 2, born KRAFT, Russia; with CARL 34, born Kraft; 5'4 1/2 medium complexion, brown hair and eyes. Port is Wpg. Last lived Wpg, Manitoba and no relative.  Never in USA before. To Fondu lac, Wisc; friend GOTTFRIED LAOSE, 88 N. Main. Permanent. Ship Halifax April
1905 and other cards say Mch 1906. More cards for: Amalia 5 born KRAFT, Frederick 45, Carl 4 b Kraft; Carl 10 b KRAFT; Jacob 9; Katarina Weimer 32.

4.  MAYER 3.22.1915 Amalia Weimer 8 born KRAFT. Port Wpg. Uncle Reinhard in Kraft, Saratow, Russia. To Ft Morgan, Colorado frd Chas MAYER, Ft Morgan. Also Charles Weimer 16 born KRAFT. Last lived 504 Redwood, Wpg. Ship: Quebec 4.19.1912; the 2 is messy & looks like a 2.

5.  MEINER 7.14.1913 Amalia Weimer 22, born Russia with Fredrich 28. Port Quebec. See MEINER, Amalia 22. Going to Calgary, Albt relative. Ship: SS Ansonia.

 6.  6.21.1913 Anna WEIMNIEIER 8, born Russia; with Johannes 28. Port Quebec. Pr. Albert, Al. Paid by relative.

7.  WIMMER, German Canadian

8.  ZIMMERMAN 11.4.1919 Annie WENMAYER 20, born Kfalapewc, Russia with Geor 33. Port Wpg, Manitoba.  Last lived Prince Alberta, Sask, Canada and relative Ronesim, Russia. Going to Mineapolis, Minn and frd Jack

9.  ZIMMERMAN, 219 Washington, Minn. Ship: Halifax, unknown.

10.  5.26.1909 David WAEMER 24, born Kamesgyn, Russia. Last lived Wpg; relative in Wpg, Man, wife Annie 492 Main. In USA 1907-08 May 1908. Going to Fargo, ND father FRED. Ship: St John NB, Sept 1907; ship unknown. DEBARRED. 11.  1912 Katharina Weimer 4 born ROSENBERG, Russia with JOHANNES 28. Port is Halifax. Last lived ROSENBERG and relative uncle DAVID WEIMER
(smear Alexandedal, Saratov, Russia). Going to Milwaukee, WI uncle V. MUBT Box 256. Irma Johnson; David Wiemer m Lydia Schneider and Lydia alive May 3, 2001 in Oconomowoc, WI.

12.  9.2.1927 Ethel Weimer 25-3mo, born 6.25.1902 Navarre, Ohio; with Katharine 50-6mo. Are US Citizens. To Cleveland Heights, 1480 Rydal Mt Road.

13.  10.11.1923  Fanny Winer 12, born Odessa, with Betty 43. Going to Los Angeles, Calif, father Joe WINER 2511 Cincy St, Los Angeles.

14.  GUENTHER BOEHM 8?13.1923 Frank Weiner 21-1 mo. born BOHM, Archa Acko. German Slovakia Czech. Is a Merchant.Last lived Wpg relative brother Agnew BOEHM, Archa, Czeko Slavakia. In USA transit 1920 Oct 1920. To Minneapolis, Minn cousin MARIE GUENTHER.Has $400; 5'6" medium
complexion, brown hair, grey eyes. Ship: NY 10.27.1920 SS Mongolin.

15.  6.10.1912 Fred Weimer born Russia. Last lived Russia. No more info.
Going to friend in Wpg, Mant; hs $25. Ship: SS Galactia.

16.  Jan 23.1915 Hebrew Canadian. Frederick WEINER 30,born Minsk, Russia;
butcher. Going to father Abraham WEINER 18 park St, Brooklyn.

17.  KINNEL 11.2.1914 Gottfried Weimer 23, Werchun, Grasnow, Saratov. Father Heinrich in Werchun. Paid self. Going to Portland, Oregon; sis MOLLY KINNEL 869 Rodney Ave, Portland, OR. Has $165. Never in USA before; permanent; 5'8' med complex, brown hair, brown eyes. Ship: Quebec 10.27.1911 SS Willehad.

18.  QUINT 4.14.1913 Heinrich Weimer 15, born Alexanderthal, Russia; with David 40smeared.Port St John. Admitted. Serial 226.116-18. Port St John. Last Lived Rosenberg, Russia; mother Audra in Rosenberg. Never in USA before. Going to Milwaukee, Wis; uncl D. QUINT, north; 5' fair, brown, blue eyes. Ship: SS Letitia 3 class.

19.  3.20.1907 Henry Weimer 19, born Kraft.Port Wpg. Last lived Wpg, no relative. Never in USA before. going to Seberving, Michigan no address; has $52; 5'7" med Bld blue eyes. Ship Quebec Oct 1906 unknown.

20.  BECKER 3.13.1910 Heinrich Weimer 21, born Kraft. Port halifax, St John. Last lived Kraft, fd Peter Becker, Kraft. Never in USA before. Going to Denver, CO. fro (sic) Karl Wiemer 50/05 Sherman St; has $13; 5'8" fair, brown blue eyes.

21.  11.18.1909 Henry Weimer 28, born Czbowski. Port Wpg. Last lived Happyland, Sask, Canada; no relative. In USA 1898 to Oct 1909 various places. Paid self. Going to Father Peter in Charleston, Oklahoma; has $30; 5'9" medium dark brown brown eyes. Ship: NY Oct 1898 Werman.

22.  12.9.1919 Herbert Weemer 7 weeks, born Leamer, SK, Canada with Karl 22. Debarred. Going to Scottsbluff, NE uncle Jacob PER Scottsbluff, NE. Port Portal, ND.

23. GUISE Sept 9.1920 Jack Weimer 7, born Wpg, Man; German Canadian; with Jacob 34. Last lived Wpg and relative FRED GUISE, Salter St, Wpg. Never in USA. Paid by father. Going to Scottbluff, NE, no address.

24.  9.17.1920 Jacob Weimer 34, born Sarodainsky, Russia; Ktherine 27, jack 7, Alex 5, Mary 3, David 4. Port Wpg. Going to Scottsbluff, NE no one. Has $342; 5'2" fair, brown, blue eyes. ship: Halifax Nov 1911 Giampian.

25. WEIMNIERER, Johannes 28, Catharine 23.

26. 6.26.1913 John Weimer 27, born Cologne, Germany to San Francisco.

27. RUSCH DAULEER 6.28.1910 John Weimer 24, born NEU WEIMAR; Katharina 23.
Last lived Maple Creed, Canada;fr John DAULEER, Maple Creed. In USA yrs
00 to 2.10 in Kansas and Colorado. Going to Frederick RUSCH,
Lamar, Colorado and has $400; 5'10" fair, lt hair, blue eyes. Ship:
Tompege, Mex 1.00 or Jan 1900. 

28.  USCitizen 8.5.1931 John Weimer 27, born Milwaukee 16.11.1903. Going to
Ann Arbor, Michigan, 200 Packard St. Port Quebec.

29.  John Weimer is Finnish from Finland to Michigan.

30.  SCHULTZ 10.31.1922 John Weimer 38, born Damar, Russia; Katie 36. Port Noyes, Minn. Last lived Purstall, Sask and friend Conrad Schultz, Purstall. In USA 1901-Feb 17,1917 Colorado. Paid self. Going to Lamar,
CO, br. Henry; Lamar, CO; has $500. 5'10" ok complex, dark brown, blue eyes, no marks. Ship: NY unknown.

31.  Weinmeir, Josf 26 Russia. To Pr Albert Sask,relative, has $5.

32.  ZECKY 7.6.1923 Winer, Julius 17, born Odessa, mom ZECKY, 693 Setla Ave, Wpg.

33.  HENSEE 12.9.1919 Weimer, Karl 22, born Samara, Russia; tinsmith. Debarred. Port Portal, ND. Last lived Lenmer, Sask. and sis Marse HENSE. Going to Scottsbluff, NE uncle Jacob Per, Scottsbluff; 5'8' medium,
brown, blue eyes. Ship: Halifax 3.13.13 unknown. 

34.  GROSS  2.27.1916 Karl Waemer 40, born Verchus, Russia. Last in Calgary ftr Fredrick; Verchna, Grasnusa. Saratov. In USA transit June 1912 NY. Going to Park City, Mont. Fred GROSS, Box 131, Prkt City, Mon.
Ship: NY Jan 1912 unknown.     Gary Weimer    Darlene Gross 

35.  8.19.1907 Weimer, Katarina 32, born Kraft with Carl 32 to LAOSE. Repeat!

36.  MUBF 11.10.1912 repeat Katharina Weimer 18, Johannes 18, b.i.l. David Weimer, Alexanderdal, Saratov to Milwaukee bro F. Mubf, Box 285.

Missed L's and went to Maria.

ROSTER 3.9.1908 Maria Weimer 22, born Rosenburg, Austria; domestic. German Austrian. Last Wpg and uncle Michael ROSTER, 114 Lusgen? St, Wpg. In USA Sept 1901-Jan 1908 in PA. Going to cousin Mrs. Annie CROSKAR, Pembridge, PA; 5'2". Ship: Philadelphia Sept 190l unknown